False Charges

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False Charges
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False Charges Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqi4jJhVbnE
Date Released May 18, 2015
Length 2:29
Game N/A

False Charges is a sketch that revolves around the Extortionist Hobo visiting LeBron using a Police Officer hat.

Description: "So this guy answers his door one day and OH GOD IT'S A CRAZY GUY DRESSED LIKE A COP, HE KNOWS WHERE HE LIVES!"


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely LeBron
Kyle Sullivan Extortionist Hobo


The video begins with a door knock. LeBron quickly opens the door, sees the Hobo on the other side, and promptly closes it again. EH, seemingly persistent, knocks on the door again, eventually making the ginger open it once more and ask for how did he find his house. The Hobo answers that it was trial-and-error (with 57 errors on just that morning).

LeBron immediately orders him to leave, threatening to call the police. The Extortionist does not move, though, and points to the police hat on his head, claiming to already be the police. LeBron, concerned, asks if he stole that from a cop or a kid, also questioning which is worse. The Hobo simply responds with "kid", not stating which question he answered.

Next, he claims that LeBron committed a variety of crimes and now owes money to the government. After some discussion and fake accusations, LeBron states that impersonating a police officer is actually a crime, and asks him to skip to the end so he can call in the real cops. The extortionist is still unconcerned, and calmly reveals that the newest one is incapacitated. As such, they have at least 10 minutes.

Some more dialogue happens, until the Hobo finally decides to reveal his price: 7 bucks. The ginger, in a state of disbelief, asks if he needs 7 dollars, though EH counters that the government needs seven dollars. With this, LeBron finally asks for why doesn't he just ask for money instead of trying to extort it from people, going on a small rant of how this makes others not want to give him money. After listening to all of it, the Hobo asks for seven dollars. LeBron closes the door on his face.

EH goes silent for a while and moves on to the next apartment. As soon as the door is opened, a woman sees him and exclaims, "oh God."

The sketch ends.