Fallout 4: Settlement Seekers

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Fallout 4: Settlement Seekers
Fallout 4 Settlement Seekers.jpg
Fallout 4: Settlement Seekers Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc858BsHi_4
Date Released January 22, 2018
Length 4:54
Game Fallout 4

Fallout 4: Settlement Seekers is a sketch that satirizes both the settlements from the game Fallout 4 and home improvement shows.

Description: "Here on Settlement Seekers, we take survivors of the nuclear apocalypse and help them choose their dream bunker!"


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Nathan
Ethan Gelinas Settlement Dealer


The video begins with a fake home improvement show intro, introducing Nathan as the protagonist of the week. The narrator wonders on whether or not he will become a wandering murder hobo, and Nathan says that, while he does like shooting people, he will give settlement building a go.

After some more shots, Nate introduces himself as the sole survivor of Vault 111. He feels like he should "get back out there", and has decided that settlement building is be a good place to start. Nate also says that he's actually not talking to anybody, as the show is fake, there are no cameras, and the "Settlement Dealer" is clearly insane. With this, the song also stops.

The first location Nate and the "Dealer" visit is an old shack in the middle of nowhere. The narrator, who is the Dealer, claims that its price is low - just the lives of the current residents. The man tells Nathan that, while it is above his budget, its market value is quite low. A man suddenly appears from behind a small shack, and without any hesitation, the Dealer points to him and says, "there's one." Nathan then proceeds to slaughter him with his pistol.

The video then transitions to them inside the house, talking about its feasiblity as a home. Nathan asks if the corpses are included, to which the Dealer confirms, adding that the house also comes with everything the corpses have. Nathan appreciates this, and the two then move on to the yard. There, Nate compliments the dead plants and the brown look, while the Dealer points out the existence of a pool. Immediately excited, the sole survivor rushes to it and takes a drink, commenting that it is spicy. The Dealer simply comments that it actually is irradiated, and after also showcasing its workbench, asks if Nate will take the shack. After putting some thought into it, the survivor agrees, much to the Dealer's surprise. The latter tells the former that this was just the first place they were going to visit, though Nate just says that he likes this one. The Settlement Dealer becomes mildly disappointed by this development.

Another transition occurs. This time, the narrator begins by insulting Nate's decisions and introduces himself as the one who will fix the house. Nathan tries to tell him that he doesn't need his help, though the now-workshopper just orders him to back off. He then goes on to say that, while the place has personality, Nate will probably get killed in his sleep with the current level of security. The man begins to describe the reforms he will make to it, including everything from guard posts to flamethrower traps, and finalizes his segment by saying, "because home feels like not getting murdered."

After yet another transition, the Settlement Dealer is seen working on some part of the house. After "noticing" his "camera", the man says that he's been working at it for a few hours. Nate, however, shows up to say that everything is done, including his water supply and apartment complex. The survivor orders the Dealer to go watch a guard post, though the man refuses and just decides to continue his show on the roof. Nathan, frustrated, claims that settling is boring and goes back to murdering people. The sketch ends with the Dealer lamenting the fact that he has become a murder hobo.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The transitions and background songs are all references to home improvement shows.