Extortionist Hobo (Series)

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Extortionist Hobo
The Hobo in Entendre, Entendre
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0u5ZHidq4X4LorjQ-dwjd8NVgQMYeeUk
Status Active
Length 7 videos
Game N/A

The Hobo is arguably the most popular original character from Door Monster. He has his own series of sketches, and has also appeared in several Finale videos.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Extortionist Hobo
Jefferey Neely LeBron
Thomas Devery Framing Magician

Video list[edit]

Entendre, Entendre[edit]

EH's debut. In this sketch, the Hobo tries to sell various different "products" to LeBron, such as a cracked software or a pirated movie. All of them involve some kind of Double Entendre - for example, the pirated movie is just a movie with stereotypical pirate items glued to the film box's cover. At the end of the video, EH gives up trying to sell his stuff and moves on to pointing a knife and mugging LeBron.

Bad Signs[edit]

In Bad Signs, LeBron encounters the Hobo again, who asks if he still has the milk he bought two years ago. LeBron gets confused by this, and begins to leave. When he sees that EH is trying to extort other people using intimidating and/or deceitful signs, though, LeBron backs up and attempts to convince him to stop

Jefferey rejects all of them, and Hobo resorts to a sign saying "Help! This guy is attacking me!" resulting in Jefferey being chased off by a random citizen. The Hobo then pulls out his knife and tells the next person that passes by "Hey, gimme yo money."

False Charges[edit]

In this sketch, the Hobo shows up at Jefferey's door, wearing a policeman's hat (which he stole from a cop, or a kid). He is also carrying a clipboard with a list of charges against Jefferey, for which he will have to pay "fines". The list is long, and Jefferey assumes that the Hobo will be demanding money at the end of it. The Hobo agrees to only charge him $7.50 because "most of these were probably me anyways." to which Jefferey responds by slamming the door. The Hobo shrugs, and proceeds to the next door, where he is recognized by the apartment's occupant, who quickly shuts the door in his face.

Blackmail Forwarding[edit]

In this sketch, the Hobo tries to accuse a random citizen (Edwin) of disrespecting the "John Pinkerton memorial". He also later reveals that he took pictures of said citizen all around town, and claims that it is proof that Edwin is following him. In the end, the Hobo says that Edwin is LeBron and later posts a fake "Wanted" poster of him near a police officer. EH ends up getting some money for "finding" Edwin.

Talk to the Hand[edit]

In this sketch, Rachel asks the Hobo for directions, and is eventually manipulated into buying a completely irrelevant map of Des Moines. The Hobo's "friend" is introduced, a surprisingly well-created puppet named Zed, who apparently assists him in his pursuit of easy money. The Hobo also mentions that he is "suffering from the loss of a small orange person", likely referring to Jefferey.

Houbeau Nouveau[edit]

After two years, the Hobo and LeBron cross paths again. This time, EH helps him defend himself against the "Framing Magician", a Extortionist Hobo lookalike. The two argue and make funny poses, until the Hobo exchanges one of his knives for the fake evidence and later the fake evidence with LeBron's milk. He then runs away in excitement.

Home Inversion[edit]

LeBron's house gets invaded by the Hobo, who at first offers some security services. As the conversation progresses, however, LeBron discovers that EH only wants to rob him. In the end, the ginger gives him the seven dollars he wants, prompting the Hobo to exclaim, "IT BEGINS!" and jump out of the window. After that, the Framing Magician appears behind LeBron, who questions what has happened to his life.

Running Gags[edit]