Excessive Accessories

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Excessive Accessories
Excessive accessories.jpg
Excessive Accessories Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://youtu.be/q4PAIqXdnhE
Date Released July 17, 2017
Length 2:12
Game General RPGs

Excessive Accessories is a sketch satirizing the concept of stat-boosting accessories in RPGs.

Description: "Rounding out your stats is about function over form."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ricky Linn Himself


The video begins with Ricky entering Kyle's house, filled with accessories around his neck and hands. Kyle, who is sitting on the floor, asks him if he was attacked by a thrift store, for which Ricky answers "not this time". He explains that he's supplementing his Dexterity and Strength with magic items, using his "+5 Stair-Climbing" ring as an example.

Kyle calls that "pathetic", but Ricky counters that he's not the one on the floor. Sullivan tries to argue that that's entirely different, but Ricky ignores him and continues listing his accessories.

He has a ring of fire resistance, which helps him with the weather outside; gauntlets of home repair, whom Kyle calls "bracelets" instead of "gauntlets"; a circlet of motivation that makes tasks go 20% faster; and the amulet of Lazarka, that can be used to store water.

Kyle then gets up and asks why Ricky isn't using more items. Linn responds that he's supposed to just use one on each item slot, and Kyle challenges him to ignore that and put all his rings simultaneously. Ricky hesitantly agrees.

He puts rings of +2 to time management, +5 to cooking, free walk, witty comeback multiplier, confidence booster, talking with girls, knowledge of cars, and mastery of dance. Ricky starts to glow, and says that it was a great idea. A floating display starts to spin above his head and sinalizes that he has become a "Fully-Functional Adult".

The light suddenly stops, however, and Ricky asks why did it stop working. Kyle pulls a Pathfinder Book and explains that he has to invest 40 hours a week in the "Real Job" skill tree to maintain it. Linn, frustrated, removes all his items and says that it's not worth it.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Thrift stores usually sell strange/cheap accessories, just like the ones Ricky was using.


  • "Strength" and "Dexterity" are common stats in RPGs.