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During a time of civil war and strife, a company of soldiers from a foreign country traveled along a flat desert road to assist peacekeeping efforts in a nearby town. This wasn't the first time they've been moved from town to town, in fact, they've been deployed for quite a while. They were all beginning to grow weary of the constant stress of their jobs, and were all feeling rather homesick. One of the things they missed the most was the sweet taste of home cooking. MREs get even more terrible the more you have them, despite the fact that new recruits thought that impossible.

Anyway, as they traveled along the desert, each tan jeep had the windows open, lacking the comfort of air conditioning. It was then that the leading jeep, the passenger, noticed it first. Very quickly, a wave of recognition passing back through the convoy as each member straitened up in awareness. A wonderful, beautiful smell permeated the air, exponentially increasing the feelings of homesickness and nostalgia among the company. It triggered the memories of warm Sunday breakfasts, sizzling meat and orange juice.

They all accelerated a bit to see if they could find the source of the smell, and soon, from the distance, the object began to come into view. It was the mythical Bacon Tree! At the end of each branch a single strip of fresh bacon hanging down and cooking slightly in the desert sun. The wind had picked up and the scent became stronger than ever.

Despite orders to go straight to the town, every soldier, even the most stubborn ranking officer, collectively agreed that this was a detour worth taking. The soldiers displayed excited grins as they turned off the road to get closer to the tree. Stopping a few yards short, the leading group got out of their jeep and lightly jogged, mouths watering, to taste as much of the sweet, sweet bacon as they could.

Suddenly, panic! Insurgents came over the hill, firing automatic weapons, kicking up sand and rocks as the bullets impacted the ground. The soldiers that had gotten out of the jeep covered their head in instinct and began sprinting back. Slamming the doors, the driver was commanded to step on it as the convoy retreated.

"What happened?" asked one of the officers.

Another spoke up, "Don't you get it? That wasn't a Bacon Tree. It was a Hambush!"

Explained Jokes

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  • The punchline "It was a Hambush!" is a pun and portmanteau, combining the words "Ham" and "ambush".


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  • During the initial shot of the soldier's convoy, the TARDIS from Doctor Who is briefly seen in the lower-left.