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Series Name
A Picture of a Thumbnail/Game/subject
YouTube Link A link to the YouTube Playlist
Status Active
Length 42 videos
Game Link to game or N/A

Intro paragraph to the series; length can vary depending on need. The describe the game, world, or premise, again, depending on the nature of the series. It's ok if this goes on to multiple paragraphs if needed or multiple subsections.

Recurring Characters

Actor Character
Commander Cobra A piece of wood with a face drawn on it
Shia LaBeouf Cyper Rage
Person with multiple characters Character #1, Character #2

Videos in Series

Video A

Some basic description of the episode, but not a full synopsis if there is a main article. In that case, best to focus on the contributions the video makes in the overall series, world and character building, although it is not necessary depending on the series.

Video B

And so on...