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Ban Truffles
Ban Crabs Joey.png
Type Visual/Verbal/Concept/Background
Related Series A DM Series (Ex.: Civilization (Series)) or N/A
First Instance Civ 5: World Congress

A joke can be considered a running gag if displayed at least three times, be it verbally or visually. Some examples are End with a Gunshot and Ban Crabs. Use this space to describe the general gist of the running gag. Keep it simple and easily understandable.

List of Instances[edit]

This list should be in chronological order. All sketch titles should be a link to their respective page. Be sure to mention any slight perversions of the joke or details you might find interesting.

Civ 5: World Congress[edit]

First instance of the joke. Suleiman thought Truffles were candy, but he discovered it was pigs. In actuality, though, it's not either of those.