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Full Name Doodle Null Conn
Role Body Double; Rag doll; Villain; Your Doom
First Appearance Avatar: Battle of the Bends

Introductory paragraph about the person. Generally nothing to heavy, a good topic would be when they joined Door Monster (if ever) or what their main role in door monster is (be it actor, writer, body double impersonator, prop gremlin, or other). Anything past 2-5 sentences and you've probably gone into too much detail. Really, what the point of the paragraph would be to draw in any reader who didn't specifically come to the page for the person (as in they used the random page function or something). Keep it succinct.


Use this section to expand on the reader's knowledge of the person based on what they learnt from the first paragraph. Keep in mind though, that you will need to repeat yourself a bit here as not everyone is going to have read the first paragraph, but, as long as you kept the first one light, it shouldn't be too repetitive. The information in this section should be about what we know of the person outside of Door Monster but not in too great of detail. We need not be stalkers, but anything notable should be more than okay. For example, the fact that Ian is a master Yo-yoer (which as of writing has not been delved too deeply within the Door Monster Expanded Multiverse).

Multiple paragraphs is fine, however if it gets too long then think about splitting this section up into sub-headings.

Recurring Characters

This should be a comprehensive list of the all the recurring characters this actor has played in various sketches. This section should be excluded regarding support staff.

Note that certain characters are prominent enough to earn their own page, in this case, the character section should use the "{{main|(article goes here)}}" template to link to their page. No other text should be present in these sections. Also note that many of the DM Crew have character counterparts, who usually have a page.

Character A

Main article: Ian Conn

Character B

As a minor character, all information about the character is put here. There should be a description about this character and some basic information about their personality and relevance. A small portrait can also be used to the right if there is room.

Sketch 1 (w/ link)
Sketch 2 (w/ link)

Appearance List

A bulleted list of all sketches this person has appeared in.