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This is a picture of the character
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Shia LaBeouf
Occupation Cannibal
First Appearance Link to sketch/other

A character page should start with a paragraph introducing the character. Some basic physical information is fine, but it should mostly focus on their personality and behavior. Some other good information is how they interact with other characters, and maybe how they changed over time is applicable. You can also talk about the possibility that they may be other characters, but it is as of yet unconfirmed.

For the Name Status in the Infobox, "O" means Official Name while "U" means Fan Name.

It's important to note that not every character gets a character page. See the following list for qualifications for a character page.

  1. Must appear in at least 3 sketches
  2. Must have a prominent role in the above sketches, not a background character
  3. Must be very likely that the appearances are all the same character

In addition, all DM Crew have a character "counterpart" which is how they are shown in sketches. These characters have generally the same life and live in the same setting as their actors, but are subject to mystical and unrealistic circumstances. Although in many sketches the line between actor and characters are purposefully blurred, anytime one of them appears on camera in a sketch, it is their character. Due to the multiple different personalities some of these fictional versions may present, multiple character profiles may exist inside one page.

List of Appearances

This list should be in chronological order. All sketch titles should be a link to their respective page. You don't need to write anything here, but some important note on how they appear is fine if applicable.

Sketch Alpha

This should not be a complete synopsis of the sketch, that happens on the sketch page. Describe the character's main contributions in this sketch, basically their role, and anything important that happens that reveals information about their character.

Since this is an example page, I'm writing a little more to flush out the space between sketches. Don't actually do this on a real page, and this paragraph contains no helpful advice regarding writing/editing a character page.

Sketch Beta

And so on...

Different Personality

Different Personality
Enthusiastic Kyle.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Person
First Appearance Toast Launcher

Only use different personalities for Actor Character pages (like Jon Currie (Character)). Other from this, treat this as a normal character page.


Sketch Gamma

Same rules from above.