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Ethan is a prominent actor in Door Monster. While usually playing "crazy person" roles, Ethan sometimes appears as the "sane man".

The Schemer[edit]

The Schemer
Ethan Schemer.png
Ethan in Yellow Light
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Ethan Gelinas
Occupation Schemer; Ex-Disney Employee
First Appearance No Crime Intended

Ethan is frequently portrayed as an enthusiastic "Ideas Generator", where he comes up with complicated and illegal schemes that are often also impractical. This often annoys people who hear his descriptions of plans that are underway or suggestions for them.


No Crime Intended[edit]

In No Crime Intended, Ethan gets the idea of stealing other people and claiming that the theft was "not intended", similarly to "copyright not intended" disclaimers. This ends badly for Ethan, though, as a Policeman ends up arresting him.

Roller Coaster Tycoon: Death Park[edit]

In RCT: Death Park, Ethan proposes increasingly more insane ideas to Ricky. These include a roller coaster that launches people into the parking lot, slides and rides that trap passengers in endless loops, and a roller coaster over a volcano.

Zoo Tycoon 2: Reverse Zoo[edit]

In ZT2: Reverse Zoo, Ethan invades the Zoo Tycoon HQ to present one of its employees with crazy business ideas. These include overpopulated whale tanks, a dinosaur zoo, and a reverse park (humans on the inside, animals on the outside).

Yellow Light[edit]

In Yellow Light, Ethan creates an intricate scheme to rip-off movie-goers by offering to sell them pre-ordered tickets for half the price. The catch is simple - he won't actually give them the tickets. According to Kyle, Gelinas also threw money into a big pile of dollars, lighted a fire, and quoted the Dark Knight in the near past.

Calm Ethan[edit]

Calm Ethan
Ethan Calm.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Ethan Gelinas
Occupation Actor?
First Appearance Kyle Plays Magic

Ethan sometimes acts more like his real life self, calmer and more sarcastic.


Kyle Plays Magic[edit]

In Kyle Plays Magic, Ethan tries to make Kyle play the card game Magic: The Gathering. However, Kyle really wants to finish editing The Guards Themselves, and so Ethan has difficulty accomplishing this task. After getting Kyle to finally put a deck together, Kyle manages to defeat Ethan extremely quickly.

Can't See Green[edit]

In Can't See Green, Ethan satirizes and criticizes Kyle's apparent colorblindness. Sullivan claims that he can't see anything that is green, though Gelinas just doesn't believe him. At the end of the sketch, Ethan leaves, jocularly advising Kyle to "avoid tripping over any invisible lizards".

Straight Man (Superhero Origin Story)[edit]

In Straight Man (Superhero Origin Story), Ethan arrives home to find two burglars in his house. Suddenly, the two begin to sing a song about him, calling him "Straight-Man", a superhero whose power is staying sane and calm during absurd situations.

Show Busyness (4th Year Finale)[edit]

In Show Busyness, Ethan arrives at (presumably) Kyle's house to film a sketch. When he arrives there, however, he finds a fake crew composed of Jefferey, Matt Locke, Cesar Riojas and Thomas Devery. After discussing with the four of them, Gelinas finds the actual Kyle, Ian and Allison clumped up on a corner working on Skyvault, and manages to encourage them to work on the finale instead.

Cool Ethan[edit]

Cool Ethan
Ethan Cool.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Ethan Gelinas
Occupation Cool Person
First Appearance Half-Measure Binging

There are some videos where Ethan plays a cooler, more serious version of himself. In some instances, he's wearing sunglasses; in others, it's leather jackets.


Half-Measure Binging[edit]

In Half-Measure Binging, Ethan ties Kyle up after he tries to stop him from watching Netflix. Gelinas uses a gruff, deep voice throughout the entire sketch, and wears a black leather jacket, too.

Hacker Fight[edit]

In Hacker Fight, Ethan assists Kyle in his hacker fight with Joey. Ethan acts as Kyle's support, fetching him the equipment he needs and reacting to Joey's counterattacks. After the two are finally victorious, Ethan questions why Kyle instigated the battle by hacking Joey's website in the first place.