Ethan Gelinas

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Ethan Gelinas
Photo ethan.png
Ethan's Profile Photo
Full Name Ethan Gelinas
Role Actor, Assistant Cinematographer
First Appearance The Guards Themselves Kickstarter Pitch (Voice, Cut)
Door Monster - Crazy Awesome Halloween Decoration (Operated Hand)
Civ 5: A Barbarian Has Captured Your Worker (Full Appearance)

Ethan took animation lessons from Kyle for several years, and initially assisted with podcast production. He's now a regular actor in our weekly videos, our go-to cohost of things that need cohosting, and the answer to the question, "How do we make this camera move without programming a robot tripod?"


Ethan has been in many sketches before, as an actor and a production assistant. He provides both technical skill and acting skill, and likely also helps with game sketch ideas. He has a twitch account where he plays games semi-weekly.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Ethan Gelinas[edit]

Ethan in a Lab Coat[edit]

An unconfirmed character, aside from the recurring appearance in each Series. Ethan in a Lab Coat has shown up multiple times in the Kerbal Space Program videos, providing deadpan commentary on various happenings as an assistant scientist to Kyle. He has also appeared in Civ 5: Science Victory as one of the country's top researchers.

Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight
Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission
Civ 5: Science Victory


Ethan has played the Soldier in all Team Fortress 2 sketch videos. He remains fairly true to Valve's portrayal of the character: patriotic, aggressive, and a bit thick-headed. In TF2: Failure to Launch, he was the main character, attempting to use his rocket to rocket jump to the roof of a building to retrieve the intelligence. This proved repeatedly fatal, and even when getting help from the Engineer and Medic he only managed to survive it once.

TF2: Failure to Launch
TF2: Med School

Appearance List[edit]