Enthusiastic Off-Brand Costume Model

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Enthusiastic Off-Brand Costume Model
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Enthusiastic Off-Brand Costume Model Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TiCF4hMBC8
Date Released October 30, 2017
Length 3:05
Game N/A

Enthusiastic Off-Brand Costume Model is a sketch satirizing cheap and unlicensed Halloween costumes being previewed with wacky, unusual poses. It was taken down shortly after release and reuploaded to fix an editing mistake.

Description: "It's almost Halloween, and an up-and-coming model is showing off some new costumes!"


Actor Character
Joey Basham Himself
Kyle Sullivan Costume Photographer
Allison Devery Super Important Fashion Woman


The sketch begins with Joey walking onto the set wearing a wizard costume. Joey assures Kyle that he does this "all the time". Kyle explains he only need a few photos in a few costumes and asks Joey to pose like a wizard. Joey then crouches and holds his arms in a wacky pose, each arm at a right angle with one up and the other down. Kyle is confused, but Joey affirms he is posing like a wizard. Kyle asks him for a more simple pose and suggests 'casting a spell'. Joey moves his arms slightly, but keeps his pose mostly the same. After some more objection, Kyle reluctantly takes the photo and asks for a new pose. Joey makes a bunch of goofy, wild poses and Kyle rejects each. Kyle gives up and asks Joey to get into a new costume.

Joey walks back on set in a ninja costume. Kyle asks Joey to assume a ninja pose, and after a few movements Joey settles on the same wacky pose as before. Kyle objects, but Joey counters that wizards, ninjas, cowboys, and robots are all the same, that they have "the same soul". Kyle says he wants a stereotype, and Joey says he isn't posing like a real ninja would. Kyle asks him to, and Joey vanishes. Kyle calls out, asking where he went. Joey responds from off screen that a ninja would not be caught on camera. Kyle gives up and asks for a new costume again.

Joey puts on a Sonic costume. Kyle asks for a freeze frame running pose, but instead Joey again assumes his wacky pose. Kyle objects that his pose isn't a running pose, but Joey protests. Joey insists it is how Sonic runs, and that he is Sonic. Kyle insists he is "Blue Speed Mouse", and that the distinction is important. After Joey threatens to leave, Kyle fires him, insisting that this was the bottom of modeling ladder.

The video cuts to Super Important Fashion Woman talking on the phone, lamenting that of the hundreds of auditions she's seen, no one "has it". She then sees Joey running with his strange, right angle pose, wearing the Blue Speed Mouse costume. She hangs up. The video cuts to shots of Joey, with his right angle pose, wearing a suit and untied bow-tie on ads across the city for the brand "Vittori Men".

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The distinction of the costume being "Blue Speed Mouse" references cheap, off-brand, unlicensed merchandise using copied or similar images to valuable IP under different names.


  • This sketch features a special outro for Halloween.