Entendre, Entendre

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Entendre, Entendre
YT EntendreEntendre.jpg
Entendre, Entendre Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jhzgmO_y-k
Date Released February 4, 2012
Length 2:12
Game N/A

Entendre, Entendre is the earliest sketch several recurring characters appear in, marking the Extortionist Hobo as well as Jefferey's first appeareance.

Description: "So this guy's walking home from the store when OH MY GOD A GUY WITH A KNIFE!!! AAAAHHHH!!!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Extortionist Hobo
Jefferey Neely LeBron
Kayla Trevathan Jefferey's Neighbor


While walking home to put away groceries after going grocery shopping, Jefferey is confronted by the Extortionist Hobo. While appearing to be a mugging at first glance, it turns out the hobo actually only wants to sell various items to Jefferey. Each item until a Tommy Gun acts as a double entendre style of joke. Eventually, Jefferey refuses to buy anything, and heads away. The Extortionist Hobo then actually tries to mug Jefferey as the punchline. After the White Lightning logo is played, there is a final scene where Jefferey's neighbor, Kayla is planting the weed the hobo had in Jefferey's yard as he comes home.

Explained Jokes[edit]

A Double Entendre is a play on words where by one phrase, two meanings are meant or implied. A vast majority of the video's jokes are Double Entendre's.

  • "How 'bout a coke?" - Coca-Cola or Cocaine, the bag looks like cocaine, but is supposedly "powdered Coca-cola"
  • "How 'bou' weed" - Weed is common slang for Marijuana, but also refers to unwanted plants which grow quickly, the latter of which appears to be what the hobo is selling
  • "I got a few more items in the back" - Usually meant as where a retail store keeps things that just got shipped in and are not ready for the store at large yet, this means the Hobo's literal backpack.
  • "Cracked software" - Cracked Software has a meaning apart from the literal crack on the CD the hobo is selling
  • "How 'bout a beer" - Beer is an alcoholic drink, but the poster appears to be referring to a bear dressed up as a deer, or a hybrid animal. The poster reads "animal, not beverage"
  • "200 bucks OBO, also animals, not money" - as seen on the poster, the "Beer" will be sold for 200 Bucks (as in the male deer) or the best offer.
  • "Pirated movie" - usually referring to a movie gotten without paying for it, in this case instead it is a movie with added pirate hats and eye-patches.


  • This is Jefferey's first full appearance in a sketch.