End with a Gunshot (Running Gag)

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End with a Gunshot
Type Visual
Related Series N/A
First Instance A Fable II Experience/Zucchini and Rhubarb

End with a Gunshot is a visual running gag. The concept is quite simple - the video's final punchline is someone getting shot, usually in the head.

List of Instances[edit]

A Fable II Experience[edit]

First instance of the joke. After Jon secretly engages ElCazorro and Slappy together, the hero is forced to kill Slappy with a gunshot.

Zucchini and Rhubarb[edit]

First instance of the joke in a live-action sketch. In Zucchini and Rhubarb, two milkshake vendors get increasingly angry at each other. At the end of the sketch, both of them take shotguns from behind their stand and shoot each other in the face.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2[edit]

Implied. At the end of this sketch, Ian's death by shotgun is forecasted.

Gmod: The True Murderer[edit]

In Gmod: The True Murderer, four players are trying to figure out who is the Murderer of the game. The Gunner eventually discover who it is due to overtime and kills him with a gunshot. The other players celebrate.

How to Make Comedy Sketches[edit]

Meta. In How to Make Comedy Sketches, Kyle and Jon break the fourth wall and acknowledge this Running Gag. The video shows multiple former instances of people getting shot (like in Gary the Misanthrope or Civ 5: A Barbarian Has Captured Your Worker), and then proceeds to end with Kyle shooting Jon in the head.

Half-Measure Binging[edit]

In Half-Measure Binging, Ethan tapes a toy gun to Kyle's hand. At the end of the sketch, Kyle uses it to shoot JP's character.

DayZ: I Have a Gun[edit]

Implied. In DayZ: I Have a Gun, two DayZ players constantly threaten each other with guns without bullets. At the end of the sketch, another player in the distance points his gun at the two men.

Dasi Board[edit]

In Dasi Board, JP finds out that Kyle killed Jefferey. Before he can properly make an accusation, however, Kyle shoots him in the head.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3[edit]

In Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3, Kyle becomes the Doctor (Who). However, he solves his problems by shooting them, instead of using intelligence and wit. Ian criticizes him for this. At the end of the sketch, Conn loses his patience and shoots Kyle, triggering a Regeneration and turning Kyle into Jefferey.


This sketch is all about guns and bullets, and ends with Kyle getting repeatedly shot in absurd ways.

Comical Road Trip (3rd Year Finale)[edit]

In Comical Road Trip, the Extortionist Hobo searches for LeBron while Kyle and Ian run after him. At the end of the sketch, the two filmmakers finally catch up to the hobo, and promptly shoot him in the head. After that, Sullivan asks if they are getting too dark, though Ian replies by saying that nobody will notice.

XCOM: Don't Panic[edit]

At the end of this sketch, an alien attacks Kyle. He, in panic, shoots and kills it with his pistol. The young man then comments, surprised, that the weapon does actually work.

Westworld: I Am Not a Robot[edit]

This sketch ends with a shoot-out between Joey, Ian, a cowgirl and a sheriff.

Ark: Alpha Tribe[edit]

The sketch ends with Kyle getting gunned down as the two tribe members, who were bringing him to their base, forgot that their fortress was made of guns.

Show Busyness (4th Year Finale)[edit]

The fictional sketch ends with Matt Locke saying "What?" before getting shot in the face by Kyle.


While this sketch doesn't end with a gunshot per se, it heavily references this running gag.