Elaborate Fantasy Checkers (RPG Minigames)

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Elaborate Fantasy Checkers (RPG Minigames)
Elaborate Fantasy Checkers (RPG Minigames) Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oroeaoba4xM
Date Released March 4, 2019
Length 2:58
Game RPG Minigames

Elaborate Fantasy Checkers (RPG Minigames) is a sketch satirizing the ludonarrative dissonance between plotline tensions and seemingly unrelated gameplay mechanics.

Description: "It's neglecting responsibilities all the way down."


Actor Character
Allison Devery Herself
Ian Conn Straightman NPC
Kyle Sullivan Mysterious Tavern Gamer NPC
Rachel Butcher Allison's Mom


The sketch begins with Allison and the Mysterious Tavern Gamer discussing their game and threatening each other. While the NPC explains the impossibility of her win, Devery claims that he underestimates her biggest advantage: skipping the rules. Suddenly, Ian's character, one of the NPCs in that game, enters the room and asks for what is Devery doing. She tells him that she's "roasting" the Tavern Gamer, which prompts Conn's character to raise the fact that he has sworn revenge against her after she burnt down his farm. The Gamer says that "there's always time for elaborate fantasy checkers", much to the annoyance of the NPC, who tells them that the kingdom is a mess.

Allison claims that she'll get to it later, which greatly indignates Ian's character. With this, Devery says that she has also done other stuff such as fishing and crafting armor, but the NPC simply questions how she can do that while so much goes on in the kingdom. Allison argues that "there's always something going on" and that her game is actually valuable, since she'll uncover the location of the Necromancer if she beats the Gamer. Hearing this, the NPC allows her to continue, letting her win the game. When the Mysterious Tavern Gamer is about to reveal the location, however, Allison interrupts him and begins another game.

Conn's character loses it, questioning for how she can be so irresponsible. Devery simply declares that the Necromancer will stay where he is until she eventually decides to fight him, and explains that by claiming that she controls the fate of the world. The NPC becomes worried and runs away, but before Allison can begin another game, her mom calls for her in the real world, reminding her that she still has chores to do. The sketch ends with her yelling that she'll get to them later.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The activities Allison lists are common RPG minigames.