Duskers: Accidental Pirate

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Duskers: Accidental Pirate
YT Duskers.jpg
Duskers: Accidental Pirate Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2frhH5nwr0
Date Released August 22, 2016
Length 4:15
Game Duskers

Duskers: Accidental Pirate is a sketch about accidentally becoming a space pirate.

Description: "The isolation of space can change a man."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself


The sketch begins with Kyle successfully docking a ship and sending two drones aboard to power up the generator. He then activates a motion scan and detects some motion in a nearby room and in response he flushes it out. Suddenly the unknown entity moves towards to the airlock and Kyle begins to panic. The door to his room then opens and Ian asks Kyle why he's on his ship. Kyle explains that he thought the ship was empty and Ian asks why that was his first assumption. Kyle responds by saying that the power was down and he didn't detect any initial signs of life on the ship, and because the ships are always empty because everyone's dead. He mentions that the motion sensors did detect something but he wasn't sure what it was. Ian questions why he didn't think to check what it was first. He had just figured it was a monster because there could be anything on board and he usually just traps whatever's inside and then loots the ship before leaving. Ian asks him how he knows that the things he's trapping weren't just people. Kyle says he doesn't but he has run into things that weren't people before and were killer robots. Ian suggests that they were just programmed to fight off people like Kyle and calls him an accidental pirate. He then tells Kyle that he's going back to bed and that he has ten minutes to put his things back or he'll fill Kyle's airlock with grenades and close the doors. Kyle assures Ian that he's putting the things back in fear of the grenades. Later, Kyle finds another ship and is exploring it and when he uses his motion scanners he detects motion in a nearby room and in response he closes all the doors.

The sketch ends.


  • The text and visuals that are seen on Kyle's screen is the game itself