Door Monster Halloween (Series)

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Door Monster Halloween
The Thumbnail to Door Monster - Crazy Awesome Halloween Decoration
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Status Active
Length 5 videos
Game N/A

The Door Monster is a halloween decoration that the The Door Monster Crew puts up every halloween as an unique way to give out candy on their door. It consists of an eye with a camera behind one of the door's openings and a long, fluffy "hand" protuding from another, which is used to drop the candy.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
The Door Monster Crew Door Monster

Video list[edit]

Door Monster - Crazy Awesome Halloween Decoration[edit]

The first video begins with Kyle explaining how the Door Monster works. The video also features a segment called "Door Monster VS Middle Schoolers", in which middleschoolers attack the monster's eyeball. Presumably, Kyle operated the eye while Ethan operated the arm. It was Reid who came up with the idea for the contraption.

Door Monster 2[edit]

In its second iteration, the Door Monster is equipped with a water gun in its eye in order to protect itself from the attacks it suffered in the previous year. The description credits Ethan, Ian, Rachel and Kyle's parents (Michael and DaLonna) for helping.

Door Monster 3[edit]

In this version, the Door Monster is blue instead of orange. It also doesn't have a water gun anymore. The monster was operated by Ian and Allison.

Door Monster 4[edit]

In Door Monster 4, the monster is still blue, and now is able to roar and groan. This time, it was operated by Kyle, Ian, Allison and Christian Haney. The outro features the song "Mannequin Dance" instead of "Living Forever" (both composed by JP) and a special halloween-themed background.

Door Monster 5 - Interactive Halloween Decoration[edit]

The fifth video begins with Joey wearing a suit and a top hat and playing a harmonica outside the house. This time, the Door Monster is brown. The monster was operated by Kyle, Allison, Ethan, Joey, Cody and Reid, with Joey also appearing outside the house with the aforementioned suit and top hat. This outro also features "Mannequin Dance".