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This is a hacked together style guide. It is most likely messed up in places and lacking. Please do not edit without proper communication ahead of time (Either through the Talk Page or the #fanprojects channel on discord)

Visual Style


The main Door Monster color is [#C04B27]. The color [#872708] is also seen used in close relation, but not in place of the main color. The negative space color should be pure white [#FFFFFF].


Images of persons to be used in infoboxes should either be facing forwards toward the reader or left towards the content of the article.

Writing Style

Language and Dialect

The language and dialect of this wiki is "English (US)" as Door Monster is within the United States of America, keep that in mind when writing Articles upon this Wiki. Talk Pages and User Pages can be any language or dialect, however please keep Templates, Modules, and actual Articles using the proper spellings.

Examples of dialect difference include:

  • "Color" instead of "colour"
  • "Gray" instead of "grey"


Do not use abbreviations, slang, or acronyms unless required for clarity or a important part of the name or word. For example, do not use TF2 as short-hand for Team Fortress 2. Positive example still needed


Dates should be in the form MONTH DD, YYYY to eliminate confusion between different systems (No MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY). For example, April 22, 2017.


Use present tense in Articles unless the event in question happened in the definite past.

Bad Example: All past tense

Weird Example: Future tense

Good Example: Proper tense


Unless you are a member of Door Monster then this wiki is not about you (with few exceptions). First person should not be used within Articles.

As well, this is not the place for politics or opinions. That is not to say you can't describe something or someone with negatives, just that they have to be non-opinionated. If you can't tell then ask on the talk page.