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This is a list of the current Door Monster Wiki administrators. To contact these super humans, try the Door Monster discord! If you aren't on the Door Monster discord, support Door Monster on Patreon! If you're broke and poor and can't support them on Patreon, you can settle for the inferior method of communication by posting on our user talk pages.

User Status Description
MasterProject Active Wormed into our hearts and minds with his incredible dedication to the wiki, he has earned himself the title of: "Cool".
CorruptedMuse Active Used to be the main spearhead of the project, now only does stuff to fix broken things. Knows what a style guide is.
Pongles Retired Originally set up this wiki, he has relinquished control and retired to some tropical island in the Caribbean. He sometimes helps us with tech support though.
WindowHero Inactive We're pretty sure he does things. He should probably update this entry.