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Name Status Official Name
Actor Ian Conn (3D Render)
Occupation Extra-Dimensional Being
First Appearance Avatar: Battle of the Bends

DoodleConn is a mysterious, extra-dimensional being seen appearing throughout the Door Monster sketches, and as the antagonist of Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 (1st Year Finale).

The actual model for DoodleConn was created for a physics effect as a part of Avatar: Battle of the Bends.

List of Appearances[edit]

Doodleconn appears in many sketches across 2015, mainly as cameos leading up to Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 (1st Year Finale).

Avatar: Battle of the Bends[edit]

Used for the physics effect at 2:08.

The Freddy Fazbear Experiment[edit]

Standing in one of the security cam feeds at 0:15.

SimCity VS Skylines[edit]

Reflected in the table during the final shot at 3:16.

Mr. Johnson[edit]

Peeking out from inside the dumpster while Jeffery is falling past the camera at 1:26.

No Crime Intended[edit]

There's a framed photo of him on the fireplace mantle at 0:17.

Spiral Knights: Time For Adventure[edit]

Growing out of the planter box at 0:18.

Daredevil's Signature Move[edit]

Briefly reflected on the window during the fight at 0:22.

Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün[edit]

Standing out in the open on the moon itself at 2:22.

False Charges[edit]

Behind Jeffery for 2 frames while he closes the door at 0:12.

License to Maim[edit]

Reflected in the pool during the wide shot at 0:15.

Car Movers[edit]

Sitting in one of the cars in the background at 0:53.

Half-Life: HEV Suit[edit]

Barely visible in one CG shot under the rightmost stairs at 0:55.

Half-Life 2: Have a Medkit[edit]

His head is on G-Man's body in the background at 1:08.

Roller Coaster Tycoon: Death Park[edit]

Inside the game screenshot on the computer screen at 0:38.

Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi[edit]

He's the statue on top of the capitol building at 4:55.

Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking[edit]

On the mission flag inside the ship hanger at 0:19.

Shoot N' Loot[edit]

On the stack of money that Ethan finds at 1:04.

The Pokemon Plan[edit]

Hiding in the pile of stuff behind Jeffery at 0:45.

DIY AI[edit]

His face appears for a frame or two when the computer dies at 2:18.

Rocket League: Professional Strategies[edit]

Driving the car that Kyle blows up, barely visable for 2 frames before the explosion at 1:34.

Ghost Finders[edit]

In the window of the house in the title shot at 0:01.

Papers, Please: Typographical Errors[edit]

A pixilated version is standing amongst the crowd in the graphic from the game at 0:02

Kyle Plays Magic[edit]

On the Meteorite card lying on the ground at 1:02.

Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission[edit]

Peeking out from behind the rubble before being obscured by Ethan at 3:16.

The Guards Themselves[edit]

Standing in the window across from Meyer's building at 12:35 of part 4.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 (1st Year Finale)[edit]

Primary antagonist.

Unfortunate Cookies[edit]

Lying on the ground, burning, at 1:10.

Lola Needs Attention[edit]

Its shadow appears inside the portal at the end of the video.


At the back of the shot, at 0:47.


  • DoodleConn's name is a reference to the Spongebob Squarepants character "DoodleBob" with the "Conn" part of the name coming from Ian Conn.