Don't Starve: Survival Skills (Shipwrecked)

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Don't Starve: Survival Skills (Shipwrecked)
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Date Released January 30, 2017
Length 3:17
Game Don't Starve: Shipwrecked

Don't Starve: Survival Skills (Shipwrecked) is a sketch about the hardships of survival.

Description: "A defeated castaway considers whether or not his unfortunate circumstances are truly just bad luck."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself, Wilson


The sketch begins with Kyle reviewing the series of events that led him to being stranded on a raft. He had to evacuate three different islands, one of which contains magically appearing rabid dogs that are awaiting his return, another is home to giant spiders, ugly mermen, and scary monkeys, and the last is haunted by the ghosts of two frog victims. It is then revealed that Kyle is talking to a volleyball with a face drawn on it. He then realizes that his raft is leaking and adds that to a list of problems he has to solve before the sun goes down. Kyle continues his one-sided conversation with Wilson, and exclaims that he can't just sail out into the open ocean and hope to hit something due to his terrible luck. One example he gives is that he was struck by lightning while he was recovering from a lightning strike. He then mentions that he'd probably die of hunger before he'd hit land.

Wilson responds by reminding him that there's fish all around him. Kyle then sticks his hand in the ocean, hoping to catch something, but is stung by a jellyfish. Wilson suggests that his misfortunes isn't due to random chance and more to his lack of ability to survive in a hostile environment. Kyle is then suddenly struck by lightning and Wilson comments on his resistant to lightning strikes. Kyle tells Wilson that he's only alive because of his survival skills such as all the food he's made. Wilson tells him that he's been living on raw seaweed and sweet potatoes for a week. Kyle also points out how he found shelter, but Wilson reminds him that he sat outside in a hurricane last night and he relit his campfire twenty-eight times and cried.

He then goes on to tell Kyle that most of his survival has been an accident and that he's the natural prey of natural selection. He also mentions that his feeble mind is now failing him and that part of him knows it. Kyle then begins to freak out about the ocean before claiming that his feeble mind is fine. Wilson reminds him that he began to speak back to him a moment ago and he hasn't acknowledged it yet. Kyle questions why he has a terrible British accent and Wilson tells him that this is, apparently, what he thinks a volleyball sounds like. Kyle finally admits that he's failed but that he believes that he'll "be remembered as somebody who survived the harsh climate of a tropical paradise all alone for days using only my wits to overcome terrible odds right up until I died in a valiant attempt to escape my horrible circumstance." Wilson admires the sentiment but states that in reality his skeleton will wash up on shore and someone will steal his shovel.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Wilson is the main character in Don't Starve and his face is drawn on the volleyball.
  • Wilson begins speaking back because he is slowly going insane.