Doctor Strange: Working Magic

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Doctor Strange: Working Magic
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Date Released March 13, 2017
Length 3:19

A sorcerer from Kamar-Taj is blackmailed into helping his friend. Part of the Marvel Series.

Description: A retired sorcerer makes creative use of his powers.


Actor Character
Ian Conn Himself
Rachel Butcher Herself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The sketch begins with Ian using a sling ring to walk straight from the supermarket into his apartment. As he arrives, he looks around briefly to check nobody is around. He then puts down the shopping as Rachel appears, having seen the whole thing. Ian is surprised she is there, believing she was sleeping. Rachel decides she also wants to have the ability to instantly transport. Ian tries to deny everything but Rachel won't back down. Ian explains the risks and why she can't just learn as he puts the donuts into the mirror dimension. After Ian tells her he learned at Kamar-Taj, she wants to learn, but he explains Kamar-Taj is gone. Rachel questions why the best thing for a sorcerer to do with magic powers is buy shopping, but he says there's nothing else to do. She decides he has to do stuff for her. Ian instantly says no, but she threatens to tell people he's a sorcerer, and even calls Kyle, who seems unsurprised, claiming he had those powers last week. Ian caves and asks what Rachel wants. She is quick to get out a long list of over 150 lines, containing what she would do if she learned magic.

It cuts to Ian pushing Rachel into the astral plane. She uses this chance to knock down Kyle's cup, confusing him as he saw nothing. It cuts to Ian uses the sling ring to allow her to go shopping all around the world. In another cut, while Ian is asleep she uses the astral plane to find his sorcerer books. Then we see Ian using magic to fill up the sink quicker. In the next scene, as Ian is sleeping still, she steals the book she found earlier. The bang wakes Ian up, but he is too late to see what happened. We next see him creating a weapon with magic, only to use it to cut up vegtables as Rachel studied the book she stole. We next see Rachel watching Doctor Strange using the sling ring, and Rachel tries to create the magical symbols.

Then the music stops to Ian, who is a mess, deciding he has done enough of such a long list. Rachel agrees, now that she has learned how to do it herself. Ian is shocked. As Rachel pushes them into the mirror dimension and starts moving everything around, Ian protests that it is dangerous. Rachel declares infinite power, before taking the donuts and eating them in the normal world.

The sketch ends.


  • When Kyle says that he had Benedict Cumberbatch powers last week, he's referring to Consulting Detectives.


  • Ian walks straight from the shop floor, suggesting he may have stolen the donuts and bag of shopping.