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YT Disconnected.jpg
Disconnected Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISopAgDR6Uw
Date Released April 18, 2016
Length 1:22
Game N/A

Disconnected is a short sketch about internet connection problems.

Description: "Millions of people suffer from sudden Wi-Fi loss every day. The effects can be devastating. Remember - warn before rebooting."


Actor Character
JP De Ovando Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with JP using his notebook, opening browser tabs incessantly. Suddenly, he notices that the internet is down, making a shocked expression and trying to open even more tabs, all showing the same "There is no Internet connection" page.

Leaving the room to ask Kyle for what happened, Ovando finds his friend paralyzed, with a loading icon spinning in front of his face. JP then starts to roam around the house, encountering frames with corrupted files, screens with loading icons, and books with "pages not found". After losing hope in all of this, JP falls to his knees and screams at the sky, in vain.

Kyle suddenly appears at the door, telling JP that he's just resetting the Wi-Fi. An old man is seen besides the musician, looking strangely at both young men. Kyle lifts his hand in a greeting manner before finally closing the door. The sketch ends.


  • The "old man" featured in the last few seconds of the video is Kyle's father.