Dialog Shrubs

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Dialog Shurbs
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Dialog Shrubs Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K2W7XuUtZc
Date Released March 2, 2015
Length 2:09
Game Dialog Tree Games

Dialog Shrubs is a sketch about how sometimes the options in dialog trees aren't as clear as they seem and may lead to unforeseen interactions and consequences.

Description: "The pains of vague video game dialogue trees..."


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely RPG Wizard
Ethan Gelinas NPC Peasant


The sketch begins with Jefferey encountering a man. His plan is to interact with him in a direct, but non threatening manner to quickly acquire information about the Ice Caves. His character, however, begins to threaten the man. Jefferey attempts to correct his mistake, but his character goes overboard and ends up giving him all his valuables.

Jefferey then tries to be a neutral as possible to avoid anymore unwanted actions. This strategy, however, does not get him far as the man is not giving him the information he needs. When he asks about the way to the Ice Caves his character ends up insulting the man's heritage and livestock. Jefferey plans out a very precise plan to apologize to the man while also getting the information he needs. Jefferey's character then punches the man in the face.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The overpriced goods the man offers to sell to Jefferey that can be found on feral dogs outside of town pokes fun at how merchants in games overcharge for the most mundane items.