DayZ: I Have a Gun

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DayZ: I Have a Gun
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YouTube Link
Date Released June 27, 2016
Length 2:21
Game DayZ

DayZ: I Have a Gun is a sketch that revolves around two DayZ players constantly suspecting the other of being a traitor.

Description: "Not everyone is out to kill you. OR ARE THEY? No, they're not. OR ARE THEY??"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself (In-Game)
Ethan Gelinas Himself (In-Game)


Kyle is cautiously exploring a forest, suddenly stumbling upon a gun on the floor. He runs towards it and picks it, checking the magazine to find what he thinks is six bullets. The explorer makes a satisfied face and proceeds to leave the area, though the sound of a branch getting snapped by his right foot alarms him to the point of panic, making Sullivan waste five bullets shooting at nothing.

Ethan then appears behind him, with his back turned. Both eventually hit each other back-to-back, quickly getting scared and pointing their guns at each other. The two declare the pistols in their hands and realize that shooting might be a bad idea, since they would end up both dead. Kyle and Ethan slowly drop their weapons, though the latter becomes aware of the fact that making the other drop their weapon is actually a good idea. After this realization, both point their guns again.

Sullivan and Gelinas initially trade accusations, and then move on to saying that they won't shoot unless the other does. Both drop their weapons again and propose to team up, however Kyle quickly lifts his pistol once more and claims that Ethan could be playing "the long game". Gelinas tells Kyle that he could just shoot him and take his stuff, though the other claims that he doesn't have anything. Ethan affirms that neither does he, since he just started. Kyle, however, is just bad at the game.

Both lose their patience and start shooting each other, though the two awkwardly realize that neither one of them has bullets. Kyle and Ethan propose an alliance again, clasping their hands, however this truce doesn't last for long as both start getting paranoid and begin to think that the other somehow faked their absence of ammo. Another player is then seen in the distance, looking at the two men and pointing their gun at both.

The sketch ends.