Dasi Board

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Dasi Board
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Dasi Board Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSNwVMqYaAo
Date Released January 16, 2017
Length 3:51
Game N/A

Dasi Board is a sketch that revolves around an Ouija Board lookalike called Dasi Board, made by IKEA.

Description: "JP seeks answers to life's big questions."


Actor Character
JP De Ovando Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with JP entering Kyle's kitchen with a tablet and a strange board. When asked for what it is, JP explains that it is a Dasi Board, an Ouija Board lookalike from IKEA. Kyle initially laments the fact that the musician went to IKEA without him, and asks for when did they start selling ritual implements. Ovando sarcastically replies that it was at the same time they started selling time machines and artificial intelligence kits. Kyle argues that those are "kind of" possible, while ouija boards are not.

Ovando ignores him and asks for silence and respect, as he will begin his ritual. After a moment of quiet, JP asks if "Karen" likes him. Sullivan immediately and ironically comments that that is "very respectful", and continues his argument about how those boards can't be real. Meanwhile, JP tries to come up with different interpretations of the messages he's receiving from the board.

Suddenly, the ritual implement shows the word "Jefferey" on-screen, when asked for who is controlling it. Kyle goes silent for a moment, mildly tense, and claims that a lot of people have that name. Ovando, however, points out that very few have it spelled like that. Sullivan tries to argue that it is all inside his head, but as more and more suspicious messages come up in the screen, the musician eventually discovers that Kyle murdered Neely. Before he can properly make an accusation, however, Sullivan silences him with a bullet to the head.

Now alone in the kitchen, the murderer intently stares at the board, slowly and creepily approaching it with his hand. When he eventually touches it, the screen makes a beep noise and shows the message: "please insert a new goat". Kyle sighs, and the sketch ends.