Daredevil's Signature Move

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Daredevil's Signature Move
YT Daredevil.jpg
Daredevil's Signature Move Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w-w7dINj50
Date Released May 4, 2015
Length 3:00
Game N/A

Daredevil's Signature Move is a sketch about how counterproductive Daredevil's signature move is. The sketch is part of the KGB series and the Marvel series.

Description: "Daredevil's favorite finishing move seems to be a bit counterproductive."


Actor Character
JP De Ovando Daredevil
Ian Conn Jegor Smirnov


The sketch begins with Daredevil and Jegor in a fistfight. Eventually, Daredevil uses his signature move, which involves slamming both his and his enemy's faces into the ground. While they lie exhausted on the floor, Jegor questions the effectiveness of the move and wonders why he does it. Daredevil does not know his reasons, but it's not an accident. Jegor goes on to critique the person who taught Daredevil how to fight, which was a "wise old blind guy." He then begins to call his signature move "The Face Smush." Daredevil declares he's going to finish beating up Jegor and gets up.

The sketch ends.


  • DoodleConn can be seen at 0:22 reflected on the window during the fight.