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DIY AI Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released August 3, 2015
Length 2:51
Game N/A

DIY AI is a sketch that satirizes IKEA and AIs in movies and games. It also marks the introduction of the IKEA Notebook character.

Description: "All other problems aside, the one thing everyone agrees on is "don't give them guns.""


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Squire (Voice) IKEA Notebook


The video begins with Ian calmly reading a book on his chair. After a couple of seconds, Kyle enters the room with a notebook, announcing that he built a computer that can think. The notebook, with a robotic yet british voice, introduces himself, saying "Hello."

Ian puts his book down, mildly frustrated, and comments that they just had a conversation about this. Kyle tries to deny it, though the notebook confirms it. When asked to shut up and told to that it wasn't even alive at that time, the computer explains that it can calculate the past using the current moment as reference with a 99.9% rate of accuracy.

Conn asks Sullivan on how he built an artificial intelligence, to which Kyle responds by telling him he bought a kit from IKEA. Ian gets even more angry at this, saying that it isn't even pretending to be furniture, though Kyle counters that IKEA has the size of a small country, and because of that, they can sell what they want.

Sullivan puts the computer down on the table, and quickly it starts to talk. Ian comments that the notebook is older than some computers in third-world countries, though Kyle explains that it does have a rocket launcher attached to it. Ian, surprised, asks for why did Kyle attach it, to which the latter says that it was Step 7 in the manual. Conn, not believing on what he just heard, asks in a furious manner, "There are only 6 steps before 'equip with rocket launcher'?!"

Some more discussion occurs, reaching a point where Kyle tries to excuse his behavior by saying that the notebook's creation wasn't just because of his bad decisions, but also because maybe, the human destiny as a race is to create the thing that destroys them. Ian tells Sullivan that he's paraphrasing Ultron, and Kyle, happy and excited, decides to make the AI its homonym.

Finally, the AI announces that it just downloaded the entire Internet, and with that, it realized that life is just a cruel, ephemeral illusion, distinguished only by pain and horror. The notebook decides that it will allow them to enjoy their brief spark of life, for it can't see any reason to perpetuate its existence.

The computer then flashes, fizzles out, and breaks. Kyle and Ian look confused before the former comments that the problem worked itself out and suggest going to IKEA to get ice cream. The sketch ends.


  • DoodleConn briefly appears in this video, at 2:18. A drawing of him pops out in the notebook's screen before it finally fizzles and breaks.
  • Ultron is a villain in the Marvel universe.
  • Running Gag: IKEA.