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YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0u5ZHidq4X4PBPxF2Nb6sHpfhKvWeIqx
Status Active
Length 8 videos
Game Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a well known and relatively old table top role playing game (TTRPG). Pathfinder, while technically different, is based on Dungeons and Dragons, edition 3.5. The Door Monster group records and puts on the channel their pathfinder campaign, Altered Egos.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character

Video list[edit]

Magic Mugging[edit]

In this sketch, a novice wizard tries to mug Kyle using his spells, but fails miserably due to his incompetence and lack of planning. Sullivan sarcastically mocks him, though ultimately ends up still losing his wallet after joking too much. Despite Jefferey's wizard skills, this appears to be more modern given Kyle's appearance, and the setting of a modern urban area. However, the DM Crew considers it a D&D video, which is also indicated by the spells Jefferey's character has.

D&D: Free Speech[edit]

In D&D, talking is considered a "free action", meaning it can be done many times in a single turn (usually considered to be 5 or 6 seconds depending on the edition) while still doing something else that same turn. This video satirizes this mechanic by having Player Characters plan and strategize in the middle of a fight, going as far as repeatedly acting out-of-character. This, of course, angers the GM.

D&D: Diplomancy[edit]

High Charisma Characters (and/or ones with many ranks in social skills) are a common part of D&D tables (eg: Lord Chomwell from Altered Egos). Usually at least one person serves as the "Face" of the party, who does the important talking when necessary. A sufficiently optimized face character can bluff, persuade, or intimidate their way out of more or less any situation. D&D: Diplomancy pokes fun at this, exagerating the power of Charisma to the point of being able to completely change someone's idea of reality.

Excessive Accessories[edit]

Some RPGs feature "magical accessories" that players can equip, such as rings, amulets, bracelets and bands. These usually come with some sort of stat boost, with some examples like increased fire resistance or extra points in sword fighting. This video explores the idea of this mechanic in real life, changing the stats to real-world applications such as "stair-climbing" or "time management". At the end of the sketch, Kyle challenges Ricky to equip several items in the same item slot (wear several rings), leading to interesting results.

D&D: The Tavern[edit]

Taverns are arguably some of the most important places in any RPG adventure set in the Middle Ages, due to their value as quest hubs and information gathering areas. D&D: The Tavern spins this formula on its head, however, by revealing at the end that the player characters weren't the adventurers, but actually the tavern owners that offered them a quest.

D&D: Forgotten But Not Gone[edit]

Some groups deal with Player Character death by letting said player create another character. Others, however, tend to allow for character ressurection, at the cost of an extra quest. In this video, Rachel's character dies after trying to steal the King's crown. While the Game Master and Ian's character are in agreement about reviving her character, Kyle's character, who is only interested in politics, tries to undermine the other player's morale and sabotage his attempt.

D&D: Short Rest[edit]

Wizards are often limited by their spell slots, that is, the amount of times they can cast most spells. This is remedied, however, by the existence of a mechanic called "resting", which lets players recover health and spell slots at the cost of time. In D&D: Short Rest, Mark Hulmes' character runs out of spell slots for his offensive skills. Due to the long distance between the party and the enemy, it becomes clear that it is unwise to try to approach. As such, it befalls upon Hulmes' character, the only one with ranged attacks, to deal with the situation.

D&D: Shopping[edit]

Gold is an important part of any D&D Adventure, as they enable players to shop in towns and cities. Some players like to take this opportunity to roleplay their characters and haggle for prices, to the dismay of some GMs, owing to the fact that these interactions usually take a good amount of time. In this sketch, the GM repeatedly tries, in vain, to stop two players from heading to a town and shopping. He, instead, uses travelling merchants to quickly deal with their shopping demands. The players quickly realize this and invent ways to break the GM's strategy.

D&D: Perception[edit]

Perception is a mechanic in D&D that tests the characters' abilities of spotting places and clues. In this sketch, an Adventurer comes across a castle where Kavras the Risen, a necromancer played by Squire, resides. The Adventurer attempts to take on the dungeon, but is unable to find its entrance due to low Perception.

D&D: Bad Dice[edit]

Many players tend to think that dice can be somehow worse or better compared to other dice, due to bad rolls in the past. In this sketch, Kyle becomes increasingly frustrated due to a chain of critical failures. He eventually claims that there is somehow a curse within the dice, and it is spreading based on proximity.

D&D: Character Creation[edit]

There are many RPG Player archetypes, such as the Rules Lawyer, the Power Gamer, the Casual or the Shakespearean. This last one is known for creating intricate backstories, deciding every minute detail of their character's life and forcing all the other players to do the same. In this sketch, Ethan incarnates this archetype.

D&D: Hiding in Plain Sight[edit]

In this sketch, two shopkeepers, Marty and Tom, are visited by a notorious thief, Donny the Snake. Due to his high level of stealth, he's able to steal anything, even in plain sight. As Marty and Tom discuss Marty's face blindness, Donny is able to take a good portion of their stock, including a very special pair of gloves.


Kyle said in CC #68 that D&D would probably be their new "flagship" series, suggesting a lot more coming in the future.