D&D: The Tavern

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D&D: The Tavern
D&D: The Tavern Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8VwE92HqME
Date Released October 9, 2017
Length 3:28
Game Dungeons & Dragons

D&D: The Tavern is a D&D sketch. In it, a group of uncooperative D&D players sabotage their DM's quest. It was filmed at Knight Watch Games.

Description: "Everybody's favorite place to relax, take a load off, and get railroaded directly into their next quest."


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Halfling Bard
Allison Devery Half-Elf Ranger
Paraic Mulgrew Human Fighter
Jefferey Neely Gnome Bartender
Rachel Butcher Barmaid
Kyle Sullivan That Old Man Over There
Ian Conn Himself


The video opens on a close up shot of a beer stein, which is then pulled away to reveal a shady old man in the corner of the room. A Half-Elf Ranger, a Halfling Bard, and a Human Fighter approaching a bartender, recounting stories of adventures past. The bartender hails the trio, who order two ales and a water. The Human Fighter explains that he is a recovering alcoholic. The bartender ushers them to take a seat and sarcastically advises against talking to the weird old man, gesticulating aggressively in the man's direction. Ominous music plays. The Bard sincerely accepts the advice to not talk to the man.

The trio sit around the table, merrily discussion the potential the city has to offer them. The Ranger laments that the waitstaff must stay cooped up inside the tavern instead of exploring the city, and The Fighter empathizes, mentioning that he was imprisoned as a child. The Bard comments that The Fighter is "really sitting on that backstory". The barmaid brings the group their drinks, as well as a third ale from another patron. The Bard points out that the old man is the only other patron. The barmaid mentions the old man has a very important quest. The Bard passes, electing to unwind with a game of cards. The bartender suggests he play the master of cards, which The Bard correctly guesses is the old man. The Bard relents and agrees to talk to the old man.

The old man explains that he used to be an adventurer, but is now too old to quest. He shows the trio a map to a dragon's lair which he recovered on his journeys. They are reluctant. The Ranger asks to fight something "less generic", and The Bard is curious what the old man wants from this. The old man assures them that the dragon's wealth is unparalleled, and asks only to be shown proof of the dragon's death. The group agrees. As the trio leaves, the old man, bartender, and barmaid high five elatedly, and the video cuts to Kyle, Jeffery, and Rachel all doing the same at a gaming table. Ian has his face buried in his hands. Kyle says that they'll wait for the trio to return and kill them for the treasure.


  • The story Ethan's recounting as he enters the bar is a reference to D&D: Diplomacy, an earlier sketch in which Kyle convinces a guard that his name is Greg through extraordinary diplomacy checks.