D&D: Short Rest

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D&D: Short Rest (feat. Mark Hulmes & Hat Films)
DND Short Rest.jpg
D&D: Short Rest Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZF8SJGqsi8
Date Released February 5, 2018
Length 5:34
Game Dungeons&Dragons

D&D: Short Rest is a D&D sketch. In it, three party members discuss the possibility of having a Short Rest.

Description: "A wizard needs a break when he runs out of spells mid-battle."


Actor Character
Mark Hulmes Wizard
Kyle Sullivan Paladin
Allison Devery Rogue
Alex Smith Orc #1
Ross Hornby Orc #2
Chris Trott Orc #3


The video begins with three adventurers running to hide from a barrage of arrows. The Wizard questions how their enemies are still up, as they've been fighting for hours. The Rogue, however, clarifies it has only been five minutes. Meanwhile, the Paladin comments that they are too far away, and as such, he and the Rogue can't do anything - it's up to the Wizard to deal with the situation.

The magic-user, however, tells them that he doesn't have any spells left. The Paladin becomes incredulous and outraged, saying that he only used two magic missiles, and the Wizard confirms that those were his only spells. They can take a rest to get them back, though.

Another barrage of arrows occur, and the Rogue asks the mage about his cantrips. He tells her that he only has support spells, as he thought the game would be more roleplay-heavy. The Rogue then queries on other things he can do, but the Wizard just says, "that's it." He then argues again to take a rest, but the Paladin doesn't take it. They have some more discussion regarding tactics and the Wizard's role in the team, though they get interrupted when one of the enemy Orcs hears them talking about taking a rest. The Wizard thinks out loud, wondering whether or not he should use a Scorching Ray scroll, but decides to just try to negotiate with the Orcs.

The Wizard and the Orcs then repeatedly try to insist for the other side to take a rest, with both denying the fact that they themselves also need one. After some time, however, they agree on setting a truce of 60 minutes.

When the Wizard turns back to his team, the Paladin immediately orders him to use his Scorching Ray. The Wizard tells them that he's saving it for when they really need it, though his teammates tell him that they need it now. The mage then says that he'll rest and get his spell slots back, but the Rogue points out that the enemy will also reset their health points, taking the battle to the beginning again. The two discuss some more, with the Rogue eventually concluding that, while she can understand his motives, if they get to the end of the mission without him having used his scroll, she will stab him in the face. The Paladin says that he will help, even at the cost of his devotion to his deity, Helm. The Wizard decides to just use the scroll, then, and casts Scorching Ray at the enemies.

An incredibly powerful beam comes out of the Wizard's hand, much to the admiration of both of his teammates. The two compliment him, but the mage reveals that he actually missed. As the orcs begin to get rageful due to the truce's betrayal, the Paladin claims that he and the Rogue are not associated with the Wizard.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • In D&D, Helm is the god of guardians, protection, and protectors. Those who worship him pledge to come to the defense of any who call for for it.