D&D: Shopping

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D&D: Shopping
DND Shopping.jpg
D&D: Shopping Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAeFK_n4g5E
Date Released April 2, 2018
Length 3:11
Game Dungeons & Dragons

D&D: Shopping is a D&D sketch. In it, a disgruntled GM tries to avoid merchant roleplaying and visits to towns.

Description: "What adventurer doesn't love to unwind after a long quest with a good old session-long shopping spree?"


Actor Character
Ian Conn The Game Master
Allison Devery Elf Warlock
Rachel Butcher Satyr Ranger


The video begins with two adventures walking through a forest, commenting about how both of them want to take a shopping day. The Satyr Ranger says that she would like a new bow, and with impeccable timing, a strange merchant (played by the GM) stumbles upon the two, offering the exact bow the Satyr was looking for. A trade is quickly made, and as suddenly as he appeared, the trader leaves.

After this strange occurence, the Elf Warlock exclaims that she would also like to buy something, though the chances of running into another merchant are low. As such, the Warlock suggests visiting a town to find some shops. Before they are able to take a single step, however, a woman (also played by the GM) greets the duo and asks for what do they want to buy. The Elf momentarily thinks and tells her she wants a mithril grappling hook. The GM immediately breaks character in disbelief, but quickly goes back to playing the trader and claims that she does indeed have the item the Warlock desires. After some discussion and bartering, the two don't reach an agreement, and the merchant begins to leave.

With that, the Satyr comments that they have no choice but to head to a town. After hearing that, the GM takes his wig off and complains that they take too much time. The Ranger, however, counters that they have been inside a cave for five days with nothing but health potions, and because of that, they deserve a shopping trip. The GM concedes, and lets the Warlock continue her bartering, but still, they do not reach a consensus. The conversation arrives at a point where the Elf offers the Satyr's bow as a bargaining chip, though the merchant tells them she only deals with exquisite treasures from far-off lands. The Warlock offers her services as adventurer, but again the woman denies, saying that she already has people working for her.

The two lose their patience, and the Ranger tries to seduce her. Before anything can happen, however, the Warlock takes the Satyr's bow and shoots an arrow straight through the trader's chest. A guard quickly appears, declaring that they have a bounty on their heads - 20 silver and a mithril grappling hook.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • 20 silver is what the Warlock offered to the merchant for her mithril grappling hook.