D&D: Perception

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D&D: Perception (feat. Squire)
D&D Perception.jpg
D&D: Perception Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q71MtUslv6g
Date Released June 11, 2018
Length 4:53
Game Dungeons & Dragons

D&D: Perception is a part of the D&D series. In it, the Adventurer struggles to find the entrance to a necromancer's dungeon.

Description: "A brave explorer faces the horrors of a necromancer's dungeon - or at least he will once he finds the entrance."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan The Adventurer
Squire Kavras the Risen


The sketch begins with the Adventurer running around a field. He soon stumbles upon a castle and hears Kavras the Risen speak to him. He tries to find the source of the voice and, after a bit of struggle, manages to find him standing atop of a hill. Kavras warns him to turn back on that moment or join the ranks of his undead army. The Adventurer then tries to find the entrance, but doesn't see any clear way inside. He then runs up to a stone wall and begins to mess with the stones, believing one of them to be a switch. Kavras then asks if he's "incredibly stupid", to which the Adventurer replies by saying that he has "one of the highest intelligence scores in the land". Kavras then comes to the conclusion that he's just blind and the Adventurer admits that's he's been called oblivious in the past and that he "probably wouldn't notice someone yelling that to his face for the thirteenth time".

Kavras tries to help the Adventurer get inside the dungeon by telling him to take another look around. The Adventurer then tries pushing on another stone on the wall. Kavras gives him a hint, which is that the entrance isn't as obscured as he thinks while gesturing to his right. The Adventurer looks around another time and notices a glowing red orb right next to him and declares it to be a magic portal. He then attempts to enter it, but Karvas stops him, asking if he always runs head first into "mysterious floating lights" and advising him to examine it closer first. The Adventurer inspects it and comes to the conclusion that it looks like a standard magic portal. Kavras pleads for him to continue to look for clues, but the Adventurer ignores him and attempts the enter the orb, only to get blasted by a bolt of lightning.

At this point, the Necromancer questions how his perception is this low, quickly then noticing that the blast killed him. He then uses his magic to revive the Adventurer. Upon getting up, the Explorer looks around and believes that the "portal" sent him to a parallel universe. Kavras tells him that it wasn't a portal, but rather a trap, and that he has dozens of them lining the walls. Kavras then questions how he's going to get through the dungeon if he can't even get inside. The Adventurer tells him that he doesn't need to notice things to defeat them. The necromancer, exasperated, responds that he does, especially when those things are traps, monsters, ghosts, and clues.

The Adventurer then questions why Kavras brought him back to life. Kavras tells him that he stayed up until four in the morning making the dungeon and that it's not fun for him if some idiot dies on his doormat. The Adventurer then wonders if he missed a doormat and begins to look around. Kavras tells the Adventurer that he's dead and a ghost, and that he hasn't even noticed it. The Adventurer proposes a deal that if he can get through Kavras' dungeon as a ghost, he'll restore him to life. Kavras orders him to point to the door at that moment, to which the Adventurer responds with an alternate proposal that if he can find the general vicinity of the entrance, he'll restore him to life. Kavras then points to his glasses of plus ten perception that he "dropped on accident." The Adventurer puts them on and looks around again, this time finally noticing the huge door and doormat to Kavras' right. The Adventurer states that the entrance looked a lot like a wall and Kavras tells him to just go in.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Kavras was gesturing to the entrance that was beside him the entire time.