D&D: Hiding in Plain Sight

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D&D: Hiding in Plain Sight
Hiding In Plain Sight.jpg
D&D: Hiding in Plain Sight Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayffREDMnNk
Date Released February 18, 2019
Length 2:59
Game Dungeons & Dragons

D&D: Hiding in Plain Sight is a D&D sketch. In it, two shopkeepers talk about the sneakiest thief in the land as they have a special visitor.

Description: "Two shopkeepers are visited by the stealthiest thief in the land."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Marty
Ian Conn Tom
Ricky Linn Donny the Snake


The sketch begins with Marty and Tom organizing the items in their shop. Tom holds up a pair of gloves to which Marty comments to place them somewhere they can see as they don't want it disappearing on them again. It is at this moment that someone, who Marty greets as Spijet, walks into the shop. A rattlesnake sound effect plays as the man walks up to the counter and goes to grab for an item.

The camera zooms in on the gloves before panning to Tom along with a wanted poster for a man named "Donny" whose face matches the man who just walked in. Tom declares that he recognizes the man as a notorious thief. Marty, not paying attention, looks up to see the man gone. He then questions where Tom went. Tom, having not moved, tells him that he's still there and that Donny the Snake is also still around. Marty is confused as he doesn't see anyone and comments on how they're the only two in the shop. Tom explains that Donny is the sneakiest thief in the entire kingdom and how he's able to hide anywhere.

Marty is confident that he's probably never seen the man before, but he's not sure as he suffers from face blindness. He then brushes it off by saying it doesn't matter since there is no else in the shop as Donny takes something from behind him. Tom explains that Donny's so good that he's able to hide in plain sight and steals everything from right under peoples' noses. Marty questions once again if Tom truly thinks that Donny is hiding in their small shack. Tom states that he doesn't think, he knows. Marty asks whether Tom can see him that moment and to point him out to him, which Tom is unable to do and instead attempts to get Donny to show himself and apologize for trying to trick them. The two stand in silence and wait for Donny to show himself, but he does no such thing and instead continues robbing them.

Marty accuses Tom of being paranoid to which Tom replies that Donny could be anywhere in the room and that, now that he knows they can't see him, he can take whatever he wants before they find him. Donny begins to steal from them at a faster pace in an attempt to take as much as possible. Marty comments on how he's pretty sure they'd notice if things just suddenly started disappearing as Donny takes the necklace off his neck without him noticing.

The two suddenly are aware of Donny as he accidentally bumps into Tom while holding the gloves. Marty exclaims that Donny, who he believes is Granny Drell, is holding the gloves of sneaking. Donny looks at the two of them before putting on the gloves and disappearing from sight instantly. The two stand in silence before Marty suddenly exclaims that he believes Spijet was Donny the Snake all along.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Face blindness is a real condition where people are not able to recognize a person's face.
  • Marty suffering from face blindness is a jab on how Kyle's face is "broken" as he is colorblind and his nose doesn't work properly.
  • A sound effect playing whenever a notorious thief's name is said is a common gag in media.
  • Too much alcohol consumption can cause loss of memory.