D&D: Forgotten But Not Gone

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D&D: Forgotten But Not Gone
DND Forgotten But Not Gone.jpg
D&D: Forgotten But Not Gone Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxxR-o8UKMI
Date Released January 8, 2018
Length 4:48
Game Dungeons & Dragons

D&D: Forgotten But Not Gone is a sketch about bringing a team member back from the dead.

Description: "A quarreling party takes a break from political intrigue to resurrect their dead friend."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Rachel Butcher Herself, Fairy, Ancient God
Allison Devery Satyr


The sketch begins with Kyle and Ian walking through the forest, with the intent to find a magical creature that can resurrect Rachel's character. Sullivan's character is not pleased with the situation, however, wanting to go back to his politics instead. Suddenly, a Satyr appears behind them and gives them a riddle for them to answer in exchange for a wish. Before she can give them the wish, however, Kyle guesses "three" and fakes surprise when it is revealed that it is not the answer. As Kyle's character begins to try to leave, Ian tells him that he also gets a try and asks her to tell him the riddle, which is "It went before my fathers before me and it will follow after here to." Ian then begins to guess answers, all of which are wrong. Rachel, being fed up with how long it's been taking to revive her, pretends to be a magical fairy and asks the Satyr to give them a different test. She then pulls out a box with a necklace in it and asks them to get the necklace. Kyle tells her that he could break the box, but she tells him not to because it's cursed "really bad".

Ian then grabs the puzzle box and begins to attempt to solve it. Kyle then asks if there's another way to bring their friend back to life, and the Satyr suggests retconning. Kyle then declares that he's leaving, but the fairy attempts to stop him by telling him about a maze in which whoever enters it will be blessed by gold and politics. Kyle informs her that he's still not interested, so Rachel decides to pretend to be an ancient God in the form of a half dead cedar tree and tells him that he can revive their dead friend if he walks under her branches. Kyle then purposefully walks around the branches and informs them that the reason he plays D&D is for the intricate relationships between people and the story. Ian then figures out the answer to the riddle and shows them the necklace that he freed from the box. Kyle then uses the one wish they got to kill Ian's character.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The answer to the riddle is "fore" because of "forefathers" and "here to fore".