D&D: Diplomancy

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D&D: Diplomancy
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D&D: Diplomancy Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F74mBRjwTc
Date Released May 22, 2017
Length 2:52
Game D&D

D&D: Diplomancy is a sketch that explores the surreal result of a D&D character with high charisma by having Kyle use his amazing diplomacy (and also definitely bluff) skills.

Description: "Some people are naturally charismatic. Some people just roll well. It's all the same, really."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Adventurer
Ian Conn Greg
Ian Conn another guard other than Greg


Kyle the Adventurer quietly sneaks through a small castle, quickly passing from pillar to pillar in an attempt to stay undetected. His plan is foiled when he turns around a corner and is met by an important looking noble! After winning the initiative roll, Kyle slashes him across the chest with his rapier, dealing a critical strike, and instantly killing the helpless man.

Kyle sheathes his sword, and decides to try and hide the body before anyone notices his presence. He is foiled again when a guard comes into view at the opposite end of the hall! "My god!" the Guard exclaims, "did you kill that man?" Kyle uses his high charisma and a good roll to pacify the Guard, saying that he did not in fact kill the noble. In the ensuing conversation, Kyle proceeds to convince the Guard that he is here to present his sword to the King (rumored to appear in a future sketch, possibly played by JP De Ovando), that he is a Viceroy in the King's court, that the Guard in fact killed the noble, that he did it with a dead chicken, and that his name is Greg.

Confident in the continued success of his ruse, Kyle declares his intention to continue on to the throne room. However, he finally gets a low roll, and Greg remembers that there is no throne room, because this country is a democracy. Kyle surprises Greg during his dramatic speech with a strike from his rapier, the element of surprise gives Kyle another critical, and Greg dies. At that moment, another Guard appears where Greg formerly stood, "Oh my god!" he shouts, "someone killed Greg!"

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • "I'm in charge of managing the King's vices." This is a clever play on words, as it sounds reasonable that a "Viceroy" is in charge of vices, but in actuality, a Viceroy is "the governor of a country or province who rules as the representative of a king or sovereign" (Merriam-Webster, citation needed)
  • "Someone killed Greg!" This punchline is funny because it shows how extremely well Kyle rolled, as it not only convinced the Guard that his name was Greg, it convinced everyone else as well, effectively changing his name.
  • The "N" in Diplomancy is intended: it is a play with the word ""Diplomacy" and the suffix "-mancy", tipically used to describe magical proficiencies. (See this for more examples.)