D&D: Character Creation

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D&D: Character Creation
D&D: Character Creation Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWTzy-3Tp8s
Date Released November 26, 2018
Length 3:37
Game Dungeons & Dragons

D&D: Character Creation is a D&D sketch. In it, Ethan creates a character with a detailed backstory, while Kyle completely ignores it.

Description: "Seasoned adventurers help a newbie create their first character in Dungeons & Dragons!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself/DM
Allison Devery Herself/Halfling Sorcerer
Ethan Gelinas Himself/Volhorn the Barbarian


The sketch begins with Ethan introducing his character, Volhorn the Barbarian, in an over-the-top and dramatic manner. Kyle, the DM, stays silent for a moment and comments with a lackadaisical "cool", quickly moving on to Allison's character. Devery tells him that she didn't understand almost anything of what Ethan said, however Kyle simply says that most of it meant nothing. Sullivan then explains to her how to build her character, while also creating a character himself, Dave.

After some rolls, Kyle realizes that he created an "average human", as all of his rolls resulted in 10, the average number in D&D. While the two build their sheets, Ethan occasionally tries to give advice to Allison, such as taking advantage of one's character stats and the concoction of detailed backstories, though Kyle brushes these off as "unnecessary". With this, Ethan suggests that Sullivan is not treating the character creation process with due respect, but him and Allison simply ignore the roleplayer and go back to their discussion. Allison ends up making a halfling sorcerer that has a vial of poison.

The game soon begins, and Volhorn and Devery's character meet up. When asked for the reason of her presence near the woods, however, Allison makes a very mediocre response, which greatly annoys Ethan. Kyle argues that it is fine to improvise, but Gelinas says in a very emotional-filled tone that a character without a backstory is like a house without walls. Sullivan off-handedly comments that Ethan is describing a gazebo, but the roleplayer goes on and says that he'd prefer to play with "Dave, the average human" than Allison's amalgamation of knee-jerk reactions. After hearing this, Devery becomes mildly bitter and tricks Volhorn into drinking poison and dying. Ethan asks if he can have some last words or create another character, but Kyle denies both of his requests and gives Dave's sheet to Gelinas.

The sketch ends.


  • This sketch was made in a single day.