D&D: Bad Dice

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D&D: Bad Dice
D&D: Bad Dice Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b47zsPzTLI
Date Released September 9, 2018
Length 3:20
Game Dungeons & Dragons

D&D: Bad Dice is a D&D sketch. In it, Kyle gets frustrated with dice that only roll 1.

Description: "One bad die can spoil the bunch. They must be cleansed. It is the way."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself


The sketch begins with Ian GMing an adventure with Kyle. The latter says that he will attack a goblin with his sword, though he rolls a 1 and the goblin takes the weapon. Kyle decides then to try to grab it back, but another critical failure strikes down his plan, making the goblin step on a tree branch that somehow launches him into the sky. Kyle reacts in a confused manner, and Ian continues, asking the player to roll and see if he falls down a ravine. Another 1 is revealed, prompting Kyle to say that that roll was impossible. Ian counters by saying that it was just improbable.

Sullivan then tries to get inside the die with a screwdriver and a hammer, breaking it with the latter. When Ian states that the die was his, Kyle says that it was cursed and a traitor to its people, bringing another die to his hand and saying that that one will do the job. The GM, exasperated, tells him that he didn't ask him to actually ascribe agency to the polyhedron when he said "blame the dice". Kyle pulls up a cardboard box labeled "Dice Jail", and states, "I came prepared."

A montage of numerous and increasingly absurd critical failures then ensues, showing various dice rolling 1s and getting thrown into the "Dice Jail". The game eventually gets to a point where the goblin returns, stabs the PC with his sword, and forces Kyle to roll a Death Save. Sullivan and Conn then get into a discussion about probability, with the former arguing that every die has a reliability level based on its past performances while the latter says that any face or combination of faces have an equal probability of ocurring. He is interrupted, however, when Kyle rolls some dice again, resulting in just 1s. The GM finally gives in, and admits that the dice must go.

Another montage occurs, this time with both men destroying dice in different and absurd ways. Some of those include hammering, burning, shooting and throwing them down sinks. When all of the polyhedrons are finally destroyed or discarded, Kyle opens a regal-looking case and takes a die from inside. It is then rolled, and the music becomes more intense. Sullivan and Conn, now anxious and nervous, watch the object travel across the table, finally landing on a 2. The two commemorate, but Ian cuts the celebration with the roll's result: Kyle's character died.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • In D&D, a one is a critical failure.
  • The last roll of the sketch was Kyle's character Death Save.