Cup and String

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Cup and String
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Date Released September 25, 2017
Length 2:57
Game N/A

Cup and String is a sketch about getting a call from a cup.

Description: "Tim gets a call from a magical help line."


Actor Character
Tim E. Kish Himself
Kyle Sullivan Employee, Supervisor, Jonathan Solohelp
Isaac Hirsch Hostage


The sketch begins with Tim cleaning up some cups, eventually finding one that's attached to a string and deciding to humor himself pretending that it's a phone. He immediately becomes confused when he gets a response, exclaiming that he's talking to a cup and not a real phone. The employee on the other side explains that it's a magical cup that appears to terrible people in an attempt to help them understand how much of a horrible person they are. Tim, frustrated, demands to talk to the employee's supervisor.

The supervisor then compliment's the employee's work and Tim explains that he's just cleaning the house. The supervisor informs Tim that he's not in his house, and it's revealed that he's actually robbing someone. The supervisor then goes on to ask if he's been experiencing any problems at home. Tim tells him that he's been having relationship problems, though denies that he and his girlfriend broke up, instead claiming that she just "needed some space". The supervisor then asks why he's crying on the floor, making him actually do it, and Tim, weeping, demands to speak to the supervisor's manager.

Jonathan Solohelp picks up and explains that their goal is to promote self awareness, telling him that he received a call from them because he was performing an act of evil and informing him that the police have him surrounded. Tim realizes that it's possible that he's been ignoring a deep emotional pain that's been making him act in a self destructive manner. Jonathan tells him that he's probably right and also informs him that he's incredibly drunk. Tim is then seen naked next to a hostage and demands to talk to the shareholders. The hostage asks to be let go and Tim yells at him, telling him that he's on the phone.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Cups attached by strings are often used by kids to communicate vocally over a short distance, through the vibration of the string.