Counter/Intelligence The Movie (2nd Year Finale)

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Counter/Intelligence The Movie
Counter/Intelligence The Movie Thumbnail
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Date Released October 31, 2016
Length 6:41
Game N/A

Counter/Intelligence The Movie is a sketch that marks the channel's second year of videos. In it, the IKEA Notebook traps the Counter/Intelligence crew, leaving only Jefferey and Joey to save them.

Description: "Hardened immortal and rookie agent are sent on a mission to recover the MIA hosts of Counter/Intelligence. Featuring White Lightning HQ / Door Monster videos from past, present and future."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself, Extortionist Hobo
Ian Conn Himself
JP De Ovando Himself
Ethan Gelinas Himself
Jefferey Neely Himself
Joey Basham Himself
Squire (Voice) IKEA Notebook


The video begins as a normal episode of Counter/Intelligence. In it, Kyle explains that the agents (Himself, De Ovando and Gelinas) will play Time Bomb, a game where one must guess a word based on another person's explanation, and with that, pass a fake bomb like Hot Potato. They were supposed to use a real bomb that Agent Conn sent, however the item never showed up.

The hideout's power suddenly shuts down, and the three agents go investigate. Kyle eventually discovers that the generator room crashed again, while Gelinas asks for when will they get new computers. The video then cuts to the present, where Agent Conn is talking through a notebook to two new agents: Neely and Basham. The veteran explains that the aforementioned story was the last time anyone has ever heard of Agents Sullivan, Gelinas and De Ovando. They were supposed to record the last Episode of C/I, though it never came out. Basham makes an indignated comment, but Conn belittles him by saying that he's new. Jefferey, on the other hand, tiredly says that he's just delivering a package.

Joey asks for what happened, and Ian says that a space-time disruption was detected, and after extensive research, he deduced that the three got "absorbed" into the Youtube Channel. Apparently, the notebook is connected to the pocket dimension DoodleConn created last year. As such, Ian asks for the help of both, to which they agree.

Neely and Basham hack the computer in an overdramatic way, and the two enter the channel. There, they hear the voice of the IKEA Notebook, who introduces itself and explains that it got revived when a kerblian man sucked the Internet out of him, in the events of Chuck: Intersnect. The first thing the AI saw, however, was a Spy-themed talk show, which the notebook calls "ridiculous". Because of its aversion to it, the AI decided to remove it from existence.

However, it still is unable to access the channel, due to the Agents beating the AI from the inside. Joey tells Jefferey that they should split up to find them first, while the notebook claims that it will find them second, and kill them anyway.

Neely and Basham then jump into the channel's videos, as a montage starts to occur. In it, both agents appear in sketches of the second year. Joey shows up at the border from Civ 5: I'm Not Invading You, Jefferey appears at the other side of JP's telescope from You Missed It, Joey creeps up behind drugged Kyle from The Stuffing of Legends, Jefferey poses besides Space Adventurer Sullivan from No Man's Sky: Plain Language, Joey falls from the soldier's explosion from TF2: Failure to Launch, Jefferey tries to get the attention of Kyle and Ethan from DayZ: I Have a Gun, Joey does the same with Bob Ross from Bob Ross VR: The Joy of Tiltbrush, and finally, Jefferey appears at a parking lot, where he is seen by the Extortionist Hobo.

While Neely is running from the Hobo, Basham finds Kyle in what appears to be a city park. The young man, however, introduces himself as "Jay Harper". Joey looks confused, stating that he doesn't remember him, and accidentally looks at the sky. There, he sees two moons.

Jay offers help to the agent, though Basham declines it and explains that he's just looking for some people that are really good at hiding. Harper, excited, starts to suggest ideas to find them, when suddenly, Joey's phone starts to ring (with the TGT's theme). Neely is on the other side of the call, sitting on a "subscribe" button, and says that he thinks he made things worse. When the agent looks around, however, he sees videos that weren't out by the time of this video's release date, like Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3 and Civ 6: New Workers. Jefferey then looks at the channel's subscriber count, and is astonished by the number: 512,712.

Neely immediately goes back to the phone and reminds Joey of how Agent Conn mentioned a space-time disruption. The agent theorizes that some of the things they saw are from the future, like Jay Harper, the videos that weren't out yet, and the subscriber count. Joey, relieved, states that he knows what to do. Jefferey tries to make a joke with "ban crabs", but fails miserably. After this interruption, Basham goes back to explaining his idea, suggesting that the agents are probably hiding in a video no one expected them to make.

The video cuts to both of them standing in front of a video dubbed "A Fable III Experience". The IKEA Notebook suddenly shows up as well, congratulating the agents for finding the C/I Crew and revealing that he'll trap all of them. Suddenly, however, an explosion sound is heard, destroying the Notebook's memory and power. Everything goes to white.

Agents Sullivan, De Ovando, Gelinas, Neely and Basham appear back at the base, which is now destroyed. Jefferey, confused, asks for where is his package, but is interrupted by Agent Conn, who is again talking through a notebook. Ian congratulates the agents for finding their friends and announces that he'll now leave them at the mercy of his "Artificially Intelligent" ally. Joey doesn't beat around the bush at all and bluntly tells him that the AI is gone. Conn becomes outraged, while Jefferey realizes that it was the package that blew the base up. Kyle asks if he found the real time-bomb.

Gelinas interrupts him and asks Conn if it was him that trapped them in there. Conn, rageful, confirms the question, adding that they humiliated him in his own show. JP nonchalantly tells him that nobody watches it, and as Ian starts to rant and bicker, Kyle closes the notebook.

All the agents begin to leave the base, while Agent Sullivan states that they now must put White Lightning HQ back into shape. Joey, however, states that he changed it, as it is now called "Door Monster". Kyle, confused, asks if that really did happen.

The video ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The bomb that blew up the base is the "real" time-bomb that was supposed to be delivered for the Counter-Intelligence final episode.


  • The hacking segment in the beginning of the video is a clear reference to Hacker Fight.
  • Calling Jon a "kerblian man" is a reference to the Kerbal Space series.
  • "A Fable III Experience" is a reference to the channel's animations from the early era.
  • Running Gag: Ban Crabs.
  • The scence with 'Jay Harper' is a scene from Skyvault, and the moons in the sky are the moons of the planet Austin.