Comical Road Trip (3rd Year Finale)

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Comical Road Trip
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YouTube Link
Date Released November 13, 2017
Length 5:34
Game N/A

Comical Road Trip is a sketch that marks the channel's third year of videos. In it, the Extortionist Hobo and Jegor travel through DM's videos to try to find LeBron.

Description: "It's the team-up you've all been waiting for in Door Monster's year 3 finale video! Right? Did anyone ask for this?"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself, Extortionist Hobo, Cop, Merchant, PUBG Gamer
Ian Conn Himself, Jegor Smirnov, Cop, "Greg"
Allison Devery Herself
Matt Locke Bard
Rachel Butcher Herself
Ethan Gelinas Helmet-Wearing Adventurer
Lola Herself


The following is told from the reference frame of The Extortionist Hobo.

The video begins focused on a contraption consisting of a chair, a set of wires, and the Dell Laptop, before panning slowly to reveal a wall covered in a collection of images. Linking the images are strings of various colours, the result of an ongoing investigation seemingly into the various sketches of The Extortionist Hobo, but then deviating with pictures of Jefferey and the thumbnails for increasingly unrelated sketches. Just as it appears that there is no plausible correlation between the images, the camera comes to rest on a painting of Jefferey's face.

The Camera then swings around to reveal Jegor walking into the room. He calmly states that he has the information required to complete "the machine", and asks how much is left to assemble. The Extortionist Hobo responds by saying that although they are missing "parts A through G" he made it work with duct tape, before informing an alarmed Agent Smirnov that he sent a dead bird to IKEA as a complaint. The Extortionist Hobo then chides Jegor for leaving him waiting eleven months, to which Jegor responds by summarising the events of UNPREDICTABLE (with the caveat that he created, and elected under the name Arnold Schwarzenegger so as to ambush the American Action Hero).

Wanting to get on with the task, they plug in Jegor's USB, only to reveal an American agent who cannot sing. Embarrassed, Jegor switches it for the correct USB and the machine's true purpose becomes clear: A time machine.

The two arrive in the middle of filming for On Set: What, the Hobo suggesting that Kyle should say it more like Matt Locke, while - true to form - Jegor attempts to shoot them. However a moment later the two are transported again. Kyle and Ian decide that this must be stopped, and dash out of the door accompanied.

The two time travellers arrive in the same place, but in a different time. While trying to work out how this happened they are charged at by a Das Horn Wielding Allison yelling "ENEMY SPAWN!". With unusually cool thinking, the hobo distracts Allison by asking if she wishes to join them on a quest for treasure, which she eagerly accepts. With their safety secured, the Hobo tells Allison that there isn't such a quest, but does ask for "a little leprechaun fellow". Before she can take in this latest twist, Kyle and Ian burst in to the tune of a dramatic rock music entrance. The time travellers teleport once more, and the chase in on.

Jegor and The Hobo then crash through D&D: Free Speech and Doctor Strange: Working Magic, before walking through a sling-ring created portal onto D&D: Diplomancy. The Hobo activates the device once more and the two emerge in New York where they run past the policemen from A Civil Warning shortly before the events of that sketch. Ian spots and pursues them.

The two teleport once more, and split up. The Hobo runs through an adventurer berating a merchant on costume design, while Jegor charges past another Kyle mourning the loss of his teammate on PUBG: Second Place Champ, before falling in front of a man-eating Lola. The Hobo helps him back up and they teleport again.

The two arrive on Triggered, just as the two firearms enthusiasts are giving Kyle a serious case of lead poisoning. While evading fire in a theatrical manner, Kyle and Ian enter as the scene turns monochrome. Still in slow motion, the Hobo triggers the device, while Kyle and Ian take a pistol each.

Rachel sees the two arrive and attempts to strike up a conversation before being rudely interrupted by the Hobo grabbing her arm, and then threatening to sell her a knife if Kyle and Ian come any closer. Ian cuts the Gordian knot by shooting Rachel in the stomach, to Jegor's approval. To Kyle's consternation the time travellers flee into a building.

The Extortionist Hobo and Jegor halt, astonished to discover that they have found White Lightning Headquarters. Jegor remarks that the building "smells of hubris", and that they should leave before being spotted, but in his excitement the Hobo pleads that they must stay to find LeBron and discover "the secrets of the universe!", which Jegor dismisses by rebuking the DM crew for not even managing to complete Altered Egos. Their reverie is shattered as an iron-faced Kyle shoots at them repeatedly. Hurt, Ian responds by vowing to complete it.

The two fugitives race onward before crashing into a door and a truly astounding sight: Kyle, Ian, and two incomplete people in a sketch production facility. This time their contemplation is cut brief, as the two run with Kyle and Ian hot on their heels. As the chase continues, more of the facility is seen, past the manufacture of a future sketch. They evade and even temporarily lose their would be assassins, before Ian spots them being transported by the character manufacture system.

The chase continues, but Jegor's patience has run out. He stops, turns and grimly proclaims that "This ends here", raising his gun. Two shots are heard.

The Hobo glances back now runs alone. Sprinting on he crashes through the door, but for the third time he stops in wonder. Before him is that he has been searching for, his eternal quest: LeBron. With glee he sings out his success. But it is not to be. For behind him is Kyle, who tells him that Jefferey will be in the next video, and then with a steely eyed focus, shoots the Hobo dead.

Kyle turns to Ian and asks if the channel is getting too dark, and Ian replies with his view that it won't be noticed.