Collaborative Consumption

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Collaborative Consumption
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Date Released February 15, 2016
Length 2:55
Game N/A

Collaborative Consumption is a sketch that revolves around a complicated web of online deals and favors.

Description: "Who needs to do things when there are tons of people on the internet who can do them instead?"


Actor Character
Rachel Butcher Herself
Ian Conn Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


Ian sits down on the couch to watch Bob Ross on TV. Suddenly, Rachel emerges from a pile of pillows on the other side of the sofa, exclaiming that she loves that episode. Conn, startled, states that he thought she was out getting groceries, to which she responds by saying that they are being delivered - she's using TaskRabbit to have people do stuff for her, like picking up her dry cleaning or dropping off a package.

Ian asks for how long has it been since she last left the apartment. Butcher exclaims "five!", though forgets the unit of measure. In that moment, an Amazon drone enters the room, dropping off food. Ian screams in surprise, then asks for why doesn't she just go outside. Rachel tells him that she doesn't need to, as she has a VR headset. Ian, however, states that they don't have one of those.

The complex web of trading is revealed, as Rachel explains how she got her VR Headset. Ian affirms that she's putting more effort on avoiding doing work than what she would if she just did it. Butcher, however, nonchalantly says that she hired Kyle to deal with that. Sullivan is brefly shown talking to a cellphone, organizing Rachel's life in a very stressed-out mood.

After all of this, Conn finally decides to make the big question: how is she paying for all of it? Rachel reveals that she's in a mob deal with the Gambino family, though she outsourced the work to someone else. It seems, however, that this person isn't doing a good job, as she keeps getting increasingly angrier e-mails. Ian decides to read her Terms of Conditions, and discovers that, if she ever fails to deliver a package, she'll be subjected to "skeletal repositioning" (also known as "beating someone up"). This doesn't concern Butcher, though, since everything is technically Kyle's fault.

The scene then changes to something knocking on Kyle's door. The young man quickly opens it, and a drone carrying a baseball bat is seen on the other side. The sketch ends with Kyle's surprised face.