Clickbait is Literally Hitler

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Clickbait is Literally Hitler
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Date Released October 3, 2016
Length 1:49
Game N/A

Clickbait is Literally Hitler is a sketch about how annoying clickbait is.

Description: "End the exaggerated menace!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Jefferey Neely Buzzfeed Employer


The sketch begins with Kyle holding up a sign that says "END CLICKBAIT", trying to get people's attention. He tells a passing citizen that he's collecting signatures for a petition to ban clickbait articles. The man, however, doesn't listen to him and only looks at his phone. Kyle, noticing this, asks for what he's looking at, to which the citizen just responds with the word "cat" before walking away. Sullivan gets frustrated by this, outraged by how the man didn't even spare a pronoun, and tries again the next day.

A day passes, and this time, Kyle holds up a sign that says "CLICKBAIT IS LITERALLY HITLER" with a picture of a cat that looks like Hitler on it. He then tries to grab the attention of the denizen again, this time succeeding, but only for a few seconds before he walks off again. Another day goes by, and Kyle tries once more with a new sign, which now says "AMERICA IS IN DANGER", featuring even more cat pictures. He begins to employ clickbait tactics such as top ten lists and exaggerated phrases, until he eventually realizes that he has become what he was fighting against, and proceeds to cry. The man then says that he likes it and mentions that he works at Buzzfeed, offering Kyle a job. The sketch ends with Kyle accepting his proposal.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Buzzfeed is a company that's well known for their clickbait articles.