Civilization 6 VS Europa Universalis 4

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Civilization 6 VS Europa Universalis 4
Civilization 6 VS Europa Universalis 4 Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released December 11, 2017
Length 6:34
Game Civilization VI, Europa Universalis IV

Civilization 6 VS Europa Universalis 4 is a sketch about the differences between the historical strategy games Civ 6 and EU 4.

Description: "A Civ 6 council meeting is interrupted by an old acquaintance who defected to EU4. Who can make the most disgraceful mockery of world history??"


Actor Character
Joey Basham Theodore Roosevelt
Allison Devery Cleopatra VII
Kyle Sullivan Emperor Trajan
Matt Locke Enrico Dandolo
Andie Garcia Theodora I (EU IV)
Keanan Foley Suleiman The Magnificent (EU IV)


The video begins with Trajan, Roosevelt and Cleopatra meeting in a room, with the roman being the mediator between the two other parties. The conflict is that Cleopatra has been bullying city states for quite some time, much to the dismay of the president. The pharaoh tries to argue that Theodore's wishes are pointless, stating that the city states aren't even of Roosevelt's interest, though the american simply says that he disapproves of unnecessary violence against defenseless opponents.

Some more bickering occurs, while Emperor Trajan comments that he truly doesn't care about any of it. The group gets interrupted, however, by Doge Enrico Dandolo, who enters the room with two other people. The roman announces that the place is already occupied, explaining that they'll get finished by the end of the hour - or hopefully, much, much sooner.

The Doge states that, since they didn't invite him to their "super secret club", he joined another one. And they have also booked that room. Trajan sighs and decides to let them in, asking them to stay at the other side of the table. The alternate trio enters the chamber, and start to get seated.

Roosevelt goes back to the original discussion and countinues his argument, though he quickly gets interrupted by Theodora and Suleiman, the two other leaders that were with Dandolo. Both are yelling at each other, arguing about their conflict regarding byzantine land. Enrico tries to butt in, asking Suleiman about his opinion on crabs, and when he responds that he doesn't care about them, Dandolo goes quiet again.

The two continue with their heated discussion, while the others just observe. The Doge eventually comments that their religion names are cute, asking for what "Catholic" even is. The byzantine queen responds that it's the reason why she's in that mess in the first place, and asks for what does he propose. Enrico gets caught off-guard by this, but tries suggesting using empty land. The two Europa Universalis leaders get confused by this, and say that there is no empty land. Theodora goes further, and proposes using Dandolo's land to solve the dispute. The venetian, however, argues that that would be a bad idea, since he is "like a god". He then runs away from the discussion, skidding his chair to the Civ VI side of the table.

Enrico requests help from the Civilization leaders, though Emperor Trajan claims he's doing very well, and tries to send him back to the other side. Cleopatra interrupts him, however, and asks for how do they think the Doge is important. Dandolo answers that everyone in their universe can die, so since he is immortal, they apparently think he is some kind of arbitrator of justice and are trying to murder him. Roosevelt offers his help, and decides to mediate the dispute.

The american asks Suleiman for why does he want to destroy the Byzantine empire. Cleopatra claims that he doesn't need a reason, while the ottoman responds by stating that the reason is that he says it's his. More discussion occurs and eventually Roosevelt suggests Theodora to offer 15 gold and 2 Whales per turn for 30 turns. The queen gets incredibly confused by this, while the egyptian proposes her to offer a city. Suleiman likes the idea, but the byzantine hates it, saying, "over my dead body".

Theodore states that that's what they are trying to avoid, though Theodora counters by explaining that, even if she dies, her empire will live on. Dandolo states that this confuses him, and suggests focusing on culture and trade. Everyone ignores him, however, and continue with their argument. The Civ VI leaders constantly try to find something that the EUIV leaders agree on, but the two seem to disagree on everything. Trajan, however, eventually finds out that both hate Venice. The ottoman even says that he'll name his own religion as "Embargo Venice".

The two then agree on getting Dandolo's land, in exchange of peace between both. Enrico starts to panic, saying that he didn't agree to anything, though everyone ignores him once again while Suleiman pulls him out of the room. Finally, with all of this settled, Roosevelt returns to the original discussion, but gets interrupted once more by the pharaoh, who screams, "no one cares about city states, Theodore!"

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The "super secret club" Dandolo was talking about is probably Civilization VI, since Venice isn't in that game.
  • In the behind the Scenes video. Kyle's Trajan outfit has Bat nipples.


  • Running Gag: Ban Crabs.
  • "Embargo Venice" is a reference to the made-up religion from the Gandhi video, "Denounce Venice".
  • "Yoloism: is a reference to Yoloism from the Sketch Religion in Civ 6 which caused Theodora and Suleiman disgust Enrico due to no religion exists in EU4