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Jefferey and Ethan in Civ 6: Theological Combat
YouTube Link
Status Active
Length 12 videos
Game Civ 5 and Civ 6

Civilization games, both 5 and 6, are turn based strategy games on a hexagonal grid concerning the politics and culture of civilizations from the discovery of agriculture to beyond the real world's current technology level.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Worker/Builder
Joey Basham Suleiman the Magnificent
Sharmita Bhattacharya Empress Theodora
Matt Locke Doge Enrico Dandolo

Video list[edit]

Civ 5: A Barbarian Has Captured Your Worker[edit]

Captured barbarian workers in Civ 5 remained barbarian units despite their captors being killed by ranged attacks. As Barbarian units, they would run back to their camp if under threat. They would have to be "recaptured" by the player's combat units before they again belonged to the player.

Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi[edit]

The English Player, A Queen Elizabeth played by Rachel Butcher tries to unite the world against the Nuclear Warlord Mahatma Gandhi, but the nations refuse to unite. This is the first reference to the religion Denouncing Venice, founded in Russia.

Civ 5: Dibs on the Ruins[edit]

In this sketch, two scouts fight for some ruins. Eventually, however, a third scout gets there first, and the two combine their forces to kill him. This sketch satirizes the ruins mechanic of the game.

Civ 5: We Love The King Day[edit]

This video pokes fun at how Happiness works in Civ 5. We Love The King day, a food bonus, can be triggered with the acquisition of luxury resources. Also, capturing new cities (generally considered winning a war) causes your nation over-all to be less happy. Trading away luxury goods for strategic resources also cuts into happiness.

Civ 5: Science Victory[edit]

This video makes fun of Civ 5's tech tree system and its quirks, such as the fact that Computers are not required to research the Internet, that Great Scientists are only good for one discovery, that scouts discovering bows in ruins don't allow you to learn how they work, that wheel is directly after archery in the tech tree.

Civ 5: I'm Not Invading You[edit]

Civ 5 Border rules are questionable. Scouts can't go through borders without triggering war, whereas missionaries can go through foreign territory with only a minor penalty for ending their movement in lands owned by other civilizations. Military units attacking lone civilians is also how most wars start, especially to prevent aggressive settling.

Civ 5: World Congress[edit]

This video discusses the World Congress system in Civ 5, and its dependance on City State Politics. This video also highlights how Venice is generally considered to be the worst civ in multiplayer games due to its restriction of only being able to settle one city and Venice's utter reliance on trade with city-states, which smart players will team up to ban, if Venice somehow has not been eliminated yet.

Civ 5: The Great War[edit]

Acting as the culmination of all the Civ 5 videos, this sketch involves many references to earlier sketches, such as Sweden settling New Cheeseland because their citizens were demanding whales, Gandhi's nuke prone tendencies, Suleiman's dislike of Crabs, Russia's space program, Egypt's isolationist wonder building, and others.

Civ 6: New Workers[edit]

In Civ 6: New Workers, the Worker from the first Civ V video comes back, though this time, as a Builder. His boss scolds him for doing things wrong, as the former Worker still doesn't know how Civ 6 functions.

Civ 6: Scout's Honor[edit]

In Civ 6: Scout's Honor, a scout goes on an adventure in the Ancient Era and only comes back during the Information Era. A civilian stumbles upon him, and the two have a conversation about the civilization's advances and history.

Civ 6: Breaking News[edit]

"Civ 6: Breaking News" shows the behind-the-scenes of a television studio in the Civ 6 universe. This studio is in charge of delivering the news to the civilization's leader (representing the notifications the player receives each turn), though to maintain their viewers, the show keeps pushing news back. This angers the producer.

Civ 6: Theological Combat[edit]

In Civ 6: Theological Combat, a Boat Mormon and a Venice Denouncer fight for the conversion of a follower. Both have a Theological Combat (a new mechanic in Civ 6), though in the end, they get obliterated by a third, surprise force.

Civilization 6 VS Europa Universalis 4[edit]

This video begins with Trajan overseeing an altercation between Theodore Roosevelt and Cleopatra on the matter of City-States. Suddenly, a second group of leaders enter the Audience Hall, as they also booked the room to have a discussion. It is revealed that they come from EU4, not Civ 6. The video then begins to satirize the differences between the two games.

Civ 6: Independence Day[edit]

In this video, Cheeseland declares independence from its previous nation. The new governor tries to figure out what to do, but miserably fails. After he discovers that the old country has started to build Zoos, he decides to roll back.

Running Gags[edit]