Civ 6: Scout's Honor

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Civ 6: Scout's Honor
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YouTube Link
Date Released February 13, 2017
Length 3:29
Game Civilization 6

Civ 6: Scout's Honor is a sketch from Door Monster's Civilization Series. In the sketch, a scout returns to his city after traveling to the ends of the earth to create a map of the world.

Description: "A scout returns home after a very long journey around the world!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Greek Scout
Ian Conn Himself


The sketch begins with the scout first venturing into the unknown to chart a map of the world. He returns home after a long stretch of time and asks a nearby civilian what year it is, telling him that he left in 2300 BC and wants to know what happened to the city. He says the city looks amazing except for the "glowing green area out near the woods." Ian tells him that those are the radiation fields and the city's okay, but it needs more food. The scout then asks him what the city's like now as when he left they were almost done building a landlocked version of Seahenge. Ian informs him that they scrapped that project because China built one first. The scout question why anyone would tear down a hundred years of progress just because someone else did it first and who approved it since they're a republic. Ian informs him that they're actually fascist now, but they were communist yesterday and it might change again.

The scout then asks if there were any other big projects that got started while he was gone. Ian tells them that there were tons but none of them were finished. The scout then asks about how they're doing in the science department and that they must have made some scientific advancements. Ian tells him that they made progress and that they have fully synthetic materials now. The scout then asks if writing ever got anywhere as he was always a bit skeptical on it. He is told that they have a detailed scientific understanding of basically the entire natural world. The scout then asks about sailing and Ian tells him that they never really figured it out as it didn't really come up. The scout then tells Ian that he has to go to the capitol building to deliver his completed map of the world only to be told that they've already mapped everything because of satellites. The scout is thoroughly annoyed that he had to go through so many hardships to finish the map only for it to be already completed. He also mentions that he might have started a war with Norway at one point. He then concedes, saying that it doesn't matter as long as it's done. The scout then asks how long it took them to beat Sumeria only to find out that the city is Norwegian now.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Only one Civilization can have a world wonder at one time.
  • A Civilization can change its government at anytime.
  • A civilization can managed to switch technologies they research at the technology tree.


  • Seahenge is a reference to how a worker in the sketch Civ 6: New Workers tried to build Stonehenge in the sea and call it "Seahenge"