Civ 6: New Workers

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Civ 6: New Workers
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YouTube Link
Date Released December 12, 2016
Length 2:38
Game Sid Meier's Civilization 6

Civ 6: New Workers is a Civilization sketch. In it, a former Worker is reprimanded for doing things in the wrong way.

Description: "Not all of the Civ 6 Builders have finished memorizing the new construction regulations."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Builder
Ethan Gelinas Foreman


The video begins with a Builder preparing a field. After some time, the Foreman appears and calls him "New Guy". The Builder tries to explain that he has actually been a Worker for thousands of years, but his civilization got conquered by the boss' civilization.

The boss ignores him and tells the Builder that he is not working up to code, using Stonehenge as an example. The Builder built the Wonder in the middle of the sea (prompting the Builder to call it "Seahenge"), and according to the Foreman, that's not acceptable anymore. The Builder takes a clipboard and comments that he should probably cancel the "Statue of Libersea", but the boss explains that the Statue is actually supposed to be built in the ocean.

The Foreman also adds that the Builder needs to pay more attention, and asks for what the Builder is working on. He answers that he's working on a Farm, and the boss orders him to stop and start building Barracks. Now, Districts are the new priority.

The Builder asks if he can build Roads, since he prefers repetitive tasks that are more "open to interpretation". The boss, however, tells him that it got outsourced to Merchants, and suggests putting him on repair duty. The Builder doesn't like it, though, and ends up saying that "being a Worker sucks". The Foreman orders him to watch his language, and the former Worker apologises, repeating his sentence but with the word "Builder" instead of "Worker". After that, he announces that he quits.

The boss contests it, telling him that he can't quit. The Builder explains that it's not literal quitting, just hiding in the Capital until they forget him. The Boss, tired, simply says that there are no more infinite contracts anymore, and if he finishes the Barracks, he can probably retire. The Builder, excited, jumps and hits his rake in the ground, yelling "Yeeeah!"

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • In Civ V, workers used to have infinite contracts. In Civ VI, however, they have limited uses.