Civ 6: Independence Day

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Civ 6: Independence Day
Civ 6 Independence Day.jpg
Civ 6: Independence Day Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released March 19, 2018
Length 3:26
Game Civilization 6

Civ 6: Independence Day is a Civilization sketch about Cheeseland gaining independence.

Description: "The city of Cheeseland has declared its independence! Now to figure out that whole "government" thing."


Actor Character
Cesar Riojas Whale Guy
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Rachel Butcher Herself
Allison Devery Herself


The sketch begins with Cesar telling the people of Cheeseland about electing him for Governor. Rachel is enthusiastically agreeing to everything Cesar says while Kyle is giving him criticism. One of the things he plans to do is build an entertainment district and put a zoo in it. He then continues to list off problems with the city that caused the people to revolt. He then declares that he's got two votes and anyone else who does will get a free subscription to whales. Kyle then asks him why they should specifically vote for him and what he'll do. He tells him that he'll give the people amenities while looking at his hand. Kyle questions if he even knows what those are and Cesar responds by asking if he knows what they are. He then lists off all the issues he'll focus on and then proceeds to list them all. Kyle tells him that he can't focus on everything as that's not really focusing and it's what the last government did which caused them to be in a dark age for the last three ages.

Cesar then declares that his first order of business is to decide which country will take over them next. Kyle questions why they'd join another existing country as they just left one. Cesar then informs him that they can't just make up their own country as they're just one city and questions what they'd call themselves and jokingly suggests Venice before seriously considering it for a moment. Kyle tells him that they can rule themselves and become the nation of Cheeseland. He tells him that if they join another country they'll just going to have the same problems as before. Cesar then declares that his first act is to declare their independence. Suddenly, Allison appears and informs them that she just got back from a trading expedition and that their old country built a zoo. Cesar then declares that they're going back.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Cesar is reading notes off his hand
  • Venice is only allowed to have one city in the Civilization games.
  • The Sketch now adapts the Latest expansion of the game Civilization 6: Rise and Fall that has new features
    • The reason that Kyle wants to form a civilization rather than a free city
    • Cesar also mentioned Scotland as a potential conqueror before they turn back to return to their old country
    • Dark ages are mentioned as well.