Civ 6: Breaking News

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Civ 6: Breaking News
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YouTube Link
Date Released March 20, 2017
Length 4:03
Game Civilization 6

Civ 6: Breaking News, starring Ethan Gelinas, Kyle Sullivan, and Allison Devery, is a sketch that explores the tropes of the game Civilization 6 in general, and it's notification system in specific.

Description: "The Civ News Network brings you the latest notifications about world events!"


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas News Producer #1
Kyle Sullivan News Caster
Allison Devery News Producer #2


The sketch starts out with news producer #1 counting down the beginning of a breaking broadcast news program. After an intro sequence plays the news caster says good morning to the country (America) and it's leader (Theodore Roosevelt). The news caster then mentions the top story of the day - a new city state quest from Geneva - before launching into a different story about barbarians approaching from the south, and the now dead scout that got that information. This change in lead story surprises news producer #1 who remarks on it to news producer #2, who responds that big headlines came through at the last minute and it was pushed back. The news caster finishes the barbarian story.

The news caster then begins on the Geneva story again. However news producer #2 forwards breaking news to the news caster, about the promotion of the already dead scout, which the news caster repeats commentary on. News producer #1 becomes frustrated that the Geneva story has been interrupted again, complaining to news producer #2, who in turn says it's ratings before saying the Geneva story is next again.

The news caster then begins on the Geneva story yet again. However he again receives breaking news about the discovery of a natural wonder, and again provides commentary. ... 1m30s ...

The news caster finally explains the Geneva situation in a very boring way.

Following this, the news caster begins listing various headlines, each of which he describes as breaking news. Interspersed with this is various shots of news producer #1 getting increasingly frustrated. Finally news producer #1 quits, exiting the studio. Once off screen he yells in exasperation asking why there are barbarians in the studio. The news caster reports "Breaking news: Unit Killed" and the sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The meta-narrative structure of this sketch - in which the stories the news caster describes are the notifications that the game presents to the player - is a framework for the majority of its jokes. Each of the "Breaking news..." headlines is a notification a player will receive in the game, often without any further details.
  • The running barbarian joke of this sketch (rather than in general) is a reference to the game's behavior of reporting the movements of every visible barbarian.
  • The promotion of the dead scout is a reference to the game's behavior which allows notifications - in this case the promotion of a unit - to be left in the notification queue after they are no longer relevant (e.g. because the scout is dead).
  • The headline about an artificial intelligence replacing a country's leader is a reference to the player disconnected and replaced by an AI message that appears in the notification section (and the subsequent reconnect meaning the AI didn't actually do anything).



  • First reference of the religion Yoloism.