Civ 5: World Congress

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Civ 5: World Congress
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Date Released September 12, 2016
Length 5:01
Game Civ V

Civ 5: World Congress is a sketch that shows Doge Enrico Dandalo attempting to be elected as the world leader.

Description: "Venice has been chosen to host this year's World Congress!"


Actor Character
Matt Locke Doge Enrico Dandolo
Jefferey Neely King Gustavus Adolphus
Joey Basham Suleiman the Magnificent
Joy Lin Empress Wu Zetian
Sharmita Bhattacharya Empress Theodora


The meeting of the World Congress begins with Enrico greeting the world leaders, which is met with negative reactions from Theodora and Suleiman, causing Enrico to commence the discussions. All the leaders put forward their proposals, and arguments follows.

Gustavus proposes both increasing funding for the arts, and making Boat Mormons the world religion, both of which are met by disagreement from all world leaders, excluding Enrico. Suleiman attempts to ban crabs, Zetian proposes to increase science funding, and Theodora asks if they can repeal Suleiman's ban on truffles.

After hearing the discussions, Enrico commences the voting. Despite the majority of world leaders disliking arts funding, Enrico's abundance of city states swings the vote in his favor, making that movement pass. Enrico then attempts to pass the act of making him world leader, which all the world leaders dislike.

Enrico proceeds to cancel all of his votes, causing significant amounts of distress in the congress. Theodora then realizes that, if all the leaders voted together, their votes would outnumber Enrico's. As Enrico attempts to bribe the loyalty of the world leaders, Theodora proposes an embargo on city states, nullifying Enrico's votes after some minor persuasion.

The congress then proceeds as normal, with the first movement being passed being a ban on crabs.

Explained Jokes[edit]

A bulleted list that breaks down each joke that may have potentially gone over an audience's head

  • Truffles: "I thought it was candy, but it was pigs . . ." "It's not either of those things" Chocolate Truffles are a thing, but the Civ in-game resource looks like pigs. This is because "Truffle Hogs" are used to find truffles, an edible fungi.
  • "Michelangelo. Alexandre Dumas. Ludwig von Beethoven. What do all these great men have in common? They're all Swedish." Any nation can spawn any great person, so Gustavus here simply lists a Great Artist, a Great Writer, and a Great Musician. This indicates that he is in fact a culture-heavy player.
  • Other countries voting for you as leader of the world- This can happen, although it requires the world leader to have liberated the civilization from total extinction.
  • "If everybody just killed each other like they were supposed to, I wouldn't have to be here." The world congress may never exist if a domination victory happens before anyone develops the printing press.
  • "Inside his one city! Hah! I'm in." Venice, in exchange for getting double the normal amount of trade routes, cannot settle cities other than it's capital.


  • Boat Mormons is a recurring religion in most of Door Monster's Civ videos.
  • Venice is known as a diplomatic civilization, with a huge downside being the inability to build new cities.
  • The AI in Civilization is prone to making random decisions, such as banning a luxury that hardly anyone has.
  • Running Gag: Ban Crabs.